Halloween Safety Tips

As children laugh, dress up in their favorite costumes, and fill their baskets with candy tonight, remind them to check all the candy before eating them. Some parents may also ask kids to only eat the candies after they return home so they can examine them together.


Follow these safety tips for a healthy (well, as much as possible) Halloween!

  1. Give out candies that are packed individually in bags.
  2. Try to avoid handing out candy with peanuts.
  3. Make sure children eat food to avoid indulging in too much candy, resulting in tummy aches.
  4. Take away candies or items that may be a choking hazard or cause allergic reactions.
  5. Tell your children to dispose the candy if it shows the following signs:
  • Unusual appearance or discoloration
  • Tiny holes or tears in wrappers
  • Spoiled candies
  • Candies that are unwrapped
  • Homemade goodies (unless made by someone you personally know and trust)


American CPR Care Association wishes everyone a Happy Halloween filled with smiles and spooktacular costumes!


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