Why You Need to Carry out CPR Training and Awareness within Your Organization?

Raising awareness of the benefits of CPR will make an organization to come up with different ways of training for its employees. Some of them include online CPR recertification. When you hear about CPR, you might have seen it in action in movies or you might have applied this life saving technique it in one way or another. CPR is crucial to bring people back to life after they have drowned while swimming. This is just one example as it can be used to save lives of those suffering from a heart attack among other life threatening situations.

Making a decision to offer CPR training to the employees can be one of the best signs that a company is committed to the safety of the employees.

Conventional CPR and Hands-Only CPR

CPR is one of the life-saving techniques carried out during emergencies such as the occurrence of a heart attack, drowning, when the heart stops beating and when they are not breathing. There are two ways in which CPR is carried out — hands-only and conventional CPR.

Hands-only CPR is carried out by those who are untrained on carrying out CPR or people who are uncomfortable in carrying out the practice due to different reasons. It involves calling 911 and carrying out about 100 chest compressions before they arrive.

The American Heart Association says that conventional CPR is for people who are well trained and it involves making a call to 911 and proceeding to carry out about 30 chest compressions, clearing the airways and giving a rescue breath to the patient.

An action is required immediately when a person stops breathing or their heart stops beating and delaying action is decreasing the chances of survival.

How to Raise Awareness on the Importance of CPR

  1. Begin by coming up with a good CPR training source and proceed to make it available for every employee at your facility. It will make the employees play a role in creating a safer working environment.
  2. Have strong workforce champions. Make sure you empower the workforce by helping them make decisions and supporting every decision they are making. Get rid of any obstacles in their path and let them work towards the goal of creating awareness on the importance of CPR to other workers.
  3. Make communication about CPR to be personal. Tailor your message to make sure you have connected with the target audience. Use a relevant example to boost the engagement of the employees in the training exercise.
  4. Use all the communication channels to make sure you have reached a larger audience with your message. These methods can include mailbox, posters, morale events and contests carried out within the organization.

There are also other ways through which the employees within an organization can acquire CPR skills. One of them is through online training where they acquire online CPR recertification which shows they are qualified to carry out CPR and refresh their skills.

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