No one can predict when a cardiac arrest will exactly occur. Preparedness in such an emergency is a must since most arrests actually happen at home. To prepare your family for cardiac emergencies, you must take note of the following:  

Have a List of Emergency Numbers 

Whether you have a landline, or cell phone, everyone in the house should know the number for emergency rescue. Especially for young kids, emergency hotline numbers must be listed down and placed near the telephone or wherever it is visible.

CPR Emergency Call

Create a Family Emergency Plan 

Every second count when it comes to emergencies so making a plan beforehand is essential to save time. This plan can help each of the family members in determining their role in case emergencies happen. 

CPR Emergency planning

Get Certified for CPR Knowledge and Skills 

When responding to a patient suffering from cardiac emergencies, CPR must be given to them right away. So if ever one of the family members suffers from cardiac arrest, there should be at least one who has the knowledge and skills when it comes to CPR. Chest compressions and rescue breaths must be performed on the patient to buy more time while waiting for the arrival of medical help.

Emergency CPR GuideKnow how to use an Automated External Defibrillator 

An AED increases the chance of survival, although this is optional since not all households have this kind of device. However, if your family has one then they must be knowledgeable about using it properly. An AED sends electric shocks to the heart and restores its normal rhythm. Prompts are provided, but it is important to know key tips before using an AED for the first time.

To properly execute CPR one must have enough knowledge and skills about it, and the same goes with the use of AED. American CPR Care Association offers CPR and AED courses online and training for healthcare providers, employees and community members who are willing to learn. Register on to get trained in a short span of time for a pocket-fit price.

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