For the R-reserve O-officer T-training C-corps, first aid lessons are crucial because their field requires tactical care regularly. First aid classes online are great for aspiring ROTC cadets. As you go through the online curriculum you will learn various techniques depending on the institution you attend to receive your first aid training just to enhance your abilities as a soldier.

If you are a regular student interested in joining ROTC here’s what you need to know about the kind of life-sustaining and first aid techniques candidates get to learn.

online first aid classes

Preparation for the Battlefield 

This stage replicates what the soldier should expect on the real battlefield. It sets the foundation from where they can build their abilities. It takes the whole day to go through the training which includes getting the scenario and information in the morning hours and comprehension assessments in the afternoon hours.

The training sets conditions that are as closely related to the battlefield as possible.

The goal is treating life-threatening elements of an injury rather than completely treating it which will consume time. Remember soldiers don’t have time during battles.

Inhalation of Carbon Monoxide 

The ROTC cadets get training to assess situations depending on the risks they pose to the affected parties. For instance, minefields and inhalation of carbon monoxide pose a high risk to the affected person.

You can assess inhaling carbon monoxide through the appearances and the actions of the victim.

Burn Care 

This is one of the frequently done simulations. The cadets are required to eliminate the fire origin and cover the victim with a non-synthetic fabric and then roll them on the ground.

The following step is assessing the situation of the patient. Any burns close to the nose and neck can lead to the airways swelling which makes close monitoring of breathing very vital.

Eliminating jewelry from the patient is the next step and then using gentle cold compressions on the burned surfaces. They are discouraged from breaking blisters and applying dressing, ointment, and grease on the face or the genitalia of the patient. After this, they can now call for medical help.

General Techniques 

The techniques used in handling burns and inhalation of carbon monoxide are applied in most first aid situations. It is vital for the cadet to know the exact actions they should take in an emergency situation because it is a matter of life and death not only for the patient but also for the ROTC cadet himself.

Blood Loss Control 

The cadet gets training on controlling bleeding through various means because there is very limited manpower on the battlefield.

Some of these include the use of anticoagulant bandages and compressing the bleeding blood vessel to stop excessive bleeding. The necessary equipment is usually in the soldier’s medical kit and it is advisable to use the victim’s kit before your own as a cadet. Most importantly, they are required to apply any method available to ensure the victim makes it to the hospital.

The Importance of ROTC Cadet First Aid Training

Gaining confidence in handling emergencies is important for a cadet and this training delivers that. Students and cadets can take first aid classes online to master the life-saving techniques they can employ when on active duty.