Parents cannot always be there to protect their children from harm that comes to them away from home. That is why schools are now taking the responsibility to put the students’ safety above everything else. Teaching self-care and first aid are now on primary focus to reduce any chances of losing students to emergency or natural disaster events. Despite first aid being enough for most people, it is now beneficial to add CPR knowledge as an extension to keeping everyone in the school compound safe. Here are the reasons why enrolling for online CPR recertification is always beneficial to you and your society.


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation also known as CPR is the administration of resuscitation skills to unconscious victims in an attempt to restore both breathing and blood flow in their body. Most educational institutions require their employees to be at least CPR trained before getting employed. The following are some reasons why online CPR recertification can be of great essence in your educational institution.

Importance of CPR Trained Teachers

Schools handle a lot of students of different ages and health conditions. This calls for close monitoring of any student in class or on the field. Apart from teaching, teachers are meant to provide security to students during learning hours, this is the responsibility delegated to them by parents. Despite the case being few, there are still possibilities of a student collapsing within the school compound and without CPR on time, one may lose their lives. Eliminate this risk today by enrolling your teachers and staff in first aid and CPR training classes before resuming their roles in the school.

CPR Training for Students

In fact, in certain states teaching students CPR is mandatory. Teaching CPR to students offers them priceless life-saving skills that could help them and those around them in any part of the world. Teachers cannot always be there to look after their students while at the school premises. Why not make this easier by equipping the students with lifesaving skills. So, they could help each other during medical emergencies both in and out of school? First aid and CPR training sessions give the student a sense of responsibility and accountability in their society today.

How to Incorporate CPR into Your School Curriculum

Introducing CPR training sessions in schools is not easy but it is very ideal and possible today. These sessions can either be practical or the school could enroll for online CPR certification. Since it takes less time for teachers to master and teach their students these skills. To blend in well, CPR could be grouped with other health-based programs. As a school, you can choose to rely either on online training or supplement your classes with physical materials and practical lessons. It is easy for students to adapt to the new curriculum. Teachers just have to ensure that the students understand the purpose of training, what it involves, and the skills or techniques needed to master the curriculum.

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