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Basic Life Support(BLS) Certification Course Outline

CE CreditsValidityCostDurationECCExam AttemptsWallet Card
6.02 Years$36.951-2 HrsCompliantUnlimitedDownload/Print/Mail
  • CE Credits6.0
  • Validity2 Years
  • Cost$36.95
  • Duration1-2 Hrs
  • ECCCompliant
  • Exam AttemptsUnlimited
  • Wallet CardDownload/Print/Mail

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Highlights of Basic Life Support Certification Course:

BLS Certification Course BLS Certification
  • Discover a top-notch online BLS training program.
  • Understand the chain of survival for heart emergencies.
  • Acquire skills in rescue breaths and chest compressions.
  • Master the Heimlich maneuver for choking emergencies.
  • Learn airway management and bag-valve-mask technique.
  • Recognize the significance of prompt AED use.
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BLS course online BLS training online
What is Basic Life Support (BLS)?

Basic Life Support refers to an emergency medical procedure that focuses on maintaining the airway, breathing, and circulation through CPR for individuals who are experiencing life-threatening illnesses or injuries. Its main aim is to sustain life until advanced care arrives.

What is the Importance of a BLS Certification?

Here are the reasons that make a BLS certification important:

  • Learn CPR, and AED usage for prompt response during medical emergencies.
  • The BLS training gives you confidence as it helps you to take charge during life-threatening emergencies.
  • The training can be taken by anyone which makes it valuable for teachers, lifeguards, coaches, and even parents.
  • BLS certification has become a critical job qualification in several healthcare and safety-related segments as it gives you a career boost.
  • Moreover, the basic life support certification results in much safer and more proactive communities. It helps them become stronger in facing medical emergencies.
BLS training basic life support training
What are the top benefits of BLS training and certification?

There are numerous advantages of BLS certification such as the following:

  • Learn comprehensive CPR skills for adults, children, and infants.
  • Understand the chain of survival to promptly initiate life-saving measures.
  • Know the timely use of an AED and accurate chest compressions.
  • Become proficient in airway management for proper oxygenation.
  • Master the Heimlich maneuver and help infants, children, and adults.

Courses offered for basic life support providers

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CPR First Aid Certification Online

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CPR + AED Course Online

$14.95 was $24.99

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ACLS Certification & Recertification

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PALS Certification & Recertification

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First Aid Online Course

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Overview of basic life support (BLS) Certification

Who should take the BLS certification course?

A Basic life support certification course is suitable for healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, and paramedics, as well as first responders, lifeguards, and public safety personnel. This is helpful not only for professionals but also for everyone interested in learning how to handle life-threatening emergencies.

What are the highlights of the Basic Life Support (BLS) Course?

Let us take a look at a few highlights of the basic life support course:

  1. Recognize and assess life-threatening emergencies effectively.
  2. Administer chest compressions and ventilations for high-quality CPR.
  3. Master timely use of defibrillators for restoring regular heart rhythm.
  4. Know early recognition and intervention in cases of asphyxiation.
  5. Learn about advanced airway management techniques.
  6. Equip yourself with team-building skills for uninterrupted life-saving measures.
What should I expect from this course?

You can expect comprehensive CPR training, AED mechanism, and airway management in BLS courses.

How long is BLS certification valid?

The BLS certification remains valid for 2 years and requires renewal through a refresher course. This ensures that your skills remain aligned with current guidelines.

Do I get instant certification?

Yes, once you complete our basic life support course you can print a PDF copy of your certificate instantly.

What are the differences between BLS, first aid, and CPR?

BLS focuses on advanced life support techniques like CPR while first aid techniques address immediate care for injuries. CPR specifically deals with cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques for reviving individuals in case of a cardiac arrest.

How long does it take to get a BLS certification?

Basic life support certification requires completion of a 3-4 hour course, including both theoretical knowledge and practical skills assessments. This duration ensures thorough training in advanced life support techniques for emergency medical response.

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