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CPR Recertification Training Course Outline

CE Credits Validity Cost Duration ECC Exam Attempts Wallet Card
2.0 2 Years $14.95 1-2 Hrs Compliant Unlimited Download/Print/Mail
  • CE Credits2.0
  • Validity2 Years
  • Cost$14.95
  • Duration1-2 Hrs
  • ECCCompliant
  • Exam AttemptsUnlimited
  • Wallet CardDownload/Print/Mail

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CPR Recertification Training Highlights

  • Refresh the C-A-B sequence for CPR
  • Stay updated with the latest ECC Guidelines for CPR
  • Retouch on the need of high-quality chest compressions
  • Circle back on the importance of early defibrillation
  • Master the bag-mask technique and rescue breaths
  • Gain expertise in the Heimlich maneuver for choking
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What is CPR renewal and recertification?

CPR recertification and renewal is a process through which lay responders and healthcare professionals can maintain an updated CPR certification. It involves refreshing skills, knowledge, and latest guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Why CPR renewal?

A CPR certification expires after two years, and you must get it renewed to practice it. Some reasons for recertifying a CPR certification include:

  • Stay Updated: CPR guidelines and techniques may evolve, and renewal keeps you informed of the latest practices
  • Confidence: Regular renewal boosts your confidence in administering CPR, ensuring an effective response during emergencies.
  • Adaptability: Renewal courses help you adapt to changes in protocols, equipment, and best practices.
  • Legal Compliance: In certain professions, CPR certification must be kept current for legal and regulatory compliance.
  • Community Safety: Keeping your CPR skills current contributes to a safer community by increasing the number of capable responders during emergencies.
Benefits of CPR online certification renewal Course

Online CPR education brings you courses from the comfort of your home. Along with it you also have the below benefits of online CPR certification.

  • Convenience: CPR renewal online allows you to refresh your skills from the comfort of your home.
  • Time-efficient: Completing renewal online saves time when compared to attending in-person classes.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Learn at a time that suits your schedule for online renewal courses.
  • Cost Savings: Online options may be more affordable, saving you money on travel and class fees.
  • Immediate Access: Give instant access to course materials, allowing prompt CPR certification renewal.

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Healthcare CPR First Aid Recertification

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CPR First Aid Recertification Online

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CPR + AED Course Online

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ACLS Certification & Recertification

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PALS Certification & Recertification

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First Aid Online Course

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Online CPR renewal and Recertification Course Overview

CPR and AED Renewal Course Description

Stay current on life-saving skills with our CPR and AED renewal course. The course covers the latest ECC guidelines and techniques, ensuring you can respond confidently in cardiac emergencies.

How often is CPR renewal and recertification required?

A recognized CPR certification comes with 2 years of validity. You can go for a CPR card renewal once the expiration date of your certification comes close.

Is online CPR renewal legitimate?

An online CPR certification renewal is legitimate if you take it from a recognized platform.

How long does the Renewal course take?

A renewal course takes between 4-5 hours. You can finish it in one day if you schedule it well.

Is my CPR certification online renewal as good as getting it in a classroom?

An online CPR renewal works best for people with the best schedule and irregular work hours. You get the flexibility to pick the time you wish to study. However, classroom education in CPR offers hands-on experience and instant expert feedback.

Does CPR change every year?

CPR guidelines could change every year; hence, you must take a renewal course often. Stay updated with current proceeds to ensure you deliver the right technique during medical energy.

CPR Recertification Training

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