ACCA Scholarship Program

American CPR Care Association Scholarship Program

ACCA Scholarship Program

Are you currently studying at a US-based university and are looking for scholarship programs for your education? We’ve Got Your Back! The American CPR Care Association proudly announces its scholarship program for US university students, studying in a full-time undergraduate or graduate course.

At ACCA, we believe that professional growth is the backbone of our society, entrusted with the responsibility of shaping futures. We recognize your passion for making a difference. Our scholarship isn’t just about providing help; it is fuel for your career aspirations. With this scholarship, you can focus on creating a future where your ambition meets our support. So, take a step forward with ACCA’ s scholarship today! .

Scholarship Details

Eligibility Criteria

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    How to Apply

    1. Register online and fill in the application form.
    2. Create a video no more than 3 minutes in length.
    3. Raise awareness in young people on any one of the below topics
      1. How to cure Obesity?
      2. How to handle Heart Stroke?
      3. How to deal with Anxiety and Depression?
    4. Submit the video to ACCA for screening via google drive link only, on the same registration email trail.
    5. Tag us in the Caption of your post & mention @americancprcareassociation #ACCAScholarship.
    6. The video with the most likes & shares will be selected as the winner.
    7. Once the contest ends on a specified date, students must share a screenshot of the likes and shares, on the same registration email trail.
    8. Based on the final screenshot, our team will announce the results on a specified date.

    Grading Criteria

    Once you submit the video for screening, the next steps follow.

    Important Dates

    Take this opportunity to showcase your creativity and invest in your future.
    For more information reach out to us at [email protected]

    About American CPR Care Association

    The American CPR Care Association offers comprehensive online training in CPR certification, AED training, and Standard First Aid for both lay-responders and healthcare providers. Our certification programs and renewal courses for CPR and First Aid adhere to the 2020 ECC guidelines, ensuring up-to-date and high-quality training. Our OSHA-compliant certification course for Bloodborne Pathogens is designed for individuals who may encounter blood or blood-containing materials in their workplace. Our accessible instructors are dedicated to delivering excellent service to all clients, emphasizing our commitment to exceptional customer service.

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