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Best Beginners Guide to HIPAA Certification

Information stands at the center of every discussion in today’s digital world. Health-related information about a person is of prime importance and needs protection. While many organizations send, receive, or maintain such data, not many understand the need to keep this data protected from the outside world. This article talks about the importance of information encryption rules. If you have not already worked on getting the proper certification for your business, you can enroll for it today. This article is a guide to HIPAA certification to keep you in business.

Basics of HIPAA

If you work in the healthcare business, you must have come across this acronym. HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The United States of America implemented this law in 1996. The primary idea was to keep the patient’s information private. This act includes details about any illness and payments. The HIPAA compliance guide has four rules, as mentioned below:

Rule 1: Security rule

This rule states that your infrastructure or building must have administrative safeguards. If not, the government can issue a non-compliant warrant against your company. It would help if you also had technical and physical protection. Noncompliance could lead to legal trouble. 

Rule 2: Privacy rule

The second rule states healthy practices of sharing private patient information. It talks about the stakeholders with whom the company can share information. This rule also helps patients seek personal medical records without delay. Any company using patient data for propaganda must take written consent as well.

Rule 3: Enforcement rule

Through this rule, the government ensures no breach of compliance goes unnoticed. It helps them work out fines and calculate the liability.

Rule 4: Breach Notification rule

If the information breaches, the companies must notify the patients on priority. This rule mandates the company provide accurate reports. The company could get in trouble if the violation exceeds five hundred patients.

Why is HIPAA Certification necessary?

Human life has always been valuable, as is the information around it. Even as a health care provider, you must know the rules around information security. The HIPAA certification provides you with the proper guidelines needed for this. Below mentioned are points highlighting the importance of this certificate:

Legal Causes

HIPAA is a law passed by the US government. If you do not own this certification, you may lose your license to work in the healthcare industry in the US. Organizations in this field provide training to their people for this regularly. 

Understanding Violations

You may have some new team members on board. They may not understand the difference between sharing information and breach of confidentiality. It could cause legal and financial harm to your company. Through this training, you will help them understand common HIPAA violations.

Federal Investigations

Conducting investigations is the norm in case of a breach. Knowing the law in detail will put you in a good light. It could even help you win the case. You may need to represent yourself or the company in court.


It is the company’s reputation that is at stake, in case of violations. Many violations could force you to shut the business as well. Taking regular training helps you stay on top of things.

Changing industry

The medical industry changes every few years with technology. This change, in turn, causes a change in policies and procedures. Hence, refreshing the HIPAA guidelines helps you stay updated with the current regulations. 

How to get HIPAA certification online?

If you work in healthcare, take the HIPAA certification today. It increases your chances of landing a higher-paying job. To get this certification online, look for an institution that provides training. The courses must work as a HIPAA compliance guide for your future in the industry. This certification could also get you closer to your dream job. Learning about an individual’s right to personal information gives you an edge. The American CPR Care Association offers the best course in this field. You will learn basics like HITECH and PHI. Their system provides a clear understanding of common HIPAA violations and penalties.


Every government forms specific rules to keep its people safe. Also, free access to medical information makes people vulnerable. The US government introduced HIPAA to give their citizens security of this data. Anyone could undergo a check by government officials for these guidelines. Your noncompliance could lead to penalties. 

We hope this article worked as a guide to HIPAA certification. With a comprehensive course from the American CPR Care Association, you can gain complete knowledge on this topic. Please register on our website today and avail yourselves of some exciting discounts.


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