What Happens if the Person I Give CPR Dies?
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Can I be charged if the person I perform CPR on does not survive?

Make a difference and save a life with CPR certification! If you’re looking to help those in need, getting certified is an excellent place to start. The American CPR Care Academy (ACCA) offers some of the most exciting courses in lifesaving skills, granting you the license and knowledge to assist a cardiac arrest patient. With experienced tutors and comprehensive training, ACCA’s CPR certification is a must-have. Spare a moment and sign-up for their lifesaving courses today. Discover more about the group and their life-saving courses in this article.

What happens to me if the victim dies after performing CPR?

CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. It’s a way to help someone whose heart has stopped beating or who is unconscious. When someone performs CPR, they give chest compressions and breaths to the person in need. The goal of CPR is to help the person’s heart and lungs work again. 

Good Samaritan laws protect individuals who act in good faith to help others in emergency situations, including performing CPR. These laws vary by state and country and typically offer legal protection from liability to individuals who provide reasonable assistance to those in need. It’s important to understand the Good Samaritan laws in your area and take a CPR certification course to ensure you act appropriately in emergency situations.

Sometimes, even if CPR is done correctly, the person doesn’t survive. If the victim dies during or after CPR, it’s important to remember that the person who performed CPR did everything they could to try and save them. If someone performs CPR and the person being helped doesn’t survive, it can be traumatizing for the individual who did the CPR. To relieve the trauma, they should talk to someone they trust, like a parent, teacher, or counselor, about their feelings.

Why is getting certified essential?

Mastering CPR empowers you with the confidence to tackle any emergency. Here are some compelling reasons why obtaining a CPR certification is a valuable choice.
1. CPR certification teaches you how to save someone’s life if they are in danger.

2. You learn how to perform chest compressions, give rescue breaths, and use an automated external defibrillator (AED) if needed.

3. CPR certification is essential for many jobs, like lifeguards, teachers, and healthcare workers.

4. Knowing how to perform CPR can make you feel more confident and prepared in emergency situations.

5. If someone you love or care about ever needs CPR, you will know how to help them.

What makes a CPR Certification from ACCA stand out?

The American CPR Care Association’s CPR certification distinguishes itself by offering courses that equip individuals with lifesaving skills to prevent fatalities. Their goal is to empower people to become Good Samaritans by providing them with the knowledge to help others. The company emphasizes the importance of understanding the human body to increase confidence when saving the lives of strangers. Here are some reasons why their CPR certification is exceptional.

  1. Get comprehensive CPR training with the American CPR Care Association! Our courses provide you with the knowledge to help revive someone experiencing cardiac arrest. Learn the basics of CPR in detail and gain confidence in using these life-saving skills.
  2. The American CPR Care Association’s CPR certification is user-friendly! The course material is easy to understand, even without assistance. Plus, their interactive videos help you remember the steps of CPR with ease.
  3. Don’t break the bank for CPR training! ACCA offers affordable certification courses that fit a high schooler’s budget. Plus, with EMI options available, you can pay a little each month without breaking a sweat.
  4. Get certified with ease through ACCA! Choose between online or in-person courses to suit your convenience. With self-paced learning available online, it’s perfect for busy college students and working professionals.
  5. Get recognized nationwide with ACCA’s certification! With our accredited certification, you can perform CPR with confidence anywhere in the country. Plus, check out our list of employers who trust and recognize our courses.
  6. Stay up-to-date with ACCA’s CPR certification! Our courses offer CPR renewal options for those with older certifications, and our modules are regularly updated to ensure the latest life-saving techniques are included.
  7. Learn from the best with ACCA’s CPR certification! Our tutors come from recognized institutes like AHA, and our course follows OSHA and AHA guidelines to ensure you get top-notch training.
Choose ACCA today! 

Opt for ACCA today to get certified in CPR and gain the knowledge and skills to save someone’s life in an emergency. Their courses are affordable, up-to-date, and offer flexible learning options to fit your schedule. Plus, with nationwide recognition, you can perform CPR with confidence anywhere in the country.


Embark upon your first-aid journey with the American CPR Care Association! Our CPR certification courses are not only comprehensive and up to date but also self-paced, allowing you to complete them at your convenience. With virtual simulations, you can also experience hands-on practice online. Plus, with a range of other courses to explore, ACCA is your one-stop destination for lifesaving skills. Visit our website and enroll today!


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