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Advantages of CPR Training in the Workplace

Employers have become more open to providing CPR training in the workplace. Below we discuss some of the reasons why. A lot of cases of cardiac arrest happen at homes or workplaces and may be fatal if no one around knows how to give first aid. Providing CPR training for employees may end up helping someone by saving their lives. The training has also been made easier to access by the introduction of the CPR courses online.

Benefits of Workplace CPR Training

Following are the benefits of providing online CPR course at workplace:

1. Save Lives

By training employees in CPR, you equip them with the tools necessary for saving a life in a world where heart attacks are becoming a common occurrence. They can provide help when needed and can try to teach others the basics so they can help out too, if needed.

2. Work Safety

Many do not understand the importance of learning CPR. They do not know the right steps or sequence to provide life support to a person and how necessary CPR can be for people going through cardiac arrest. By training your employees on CPR, you are ensuring that if someone goes into cardiac arrest, there are people who can help them and understand what they need within the office setting.

3. Community Safety

The CPR classes that the employees take now stay with them for a long time to come so if someone outside your workplace setting or an employee ever goes into cardiac arrest they will know what to do and how to do it. Teaching employees CPR will help the whole community in the long run.

4. Increased Employee Confidence

CPR training in the office will increase employees’ trust in each other because they know they will help each other in case any of them ever goes into cardiac arrest. It will also improve communication and teamwork between them as they go through the training and discuss them after.

Benefits of Training on CPR in the Workplace

Some of the benefits of CPR training in the workplace include:

1. Flexible Schedules

The employer and the employees have to dedicate a portion of the working day to learn about CPR but it could be at any time within the day that the employees are free which is great. They can also have different sessions in the case of industries that require constant supervision.

3. Location Choice

You can choose to have the training either on location or even better online. You get to be taught the same way since the props and boards are brought to you no matter the location but it is up to the employer to give the green signal.

3. Printing of Certificates

Employees earn a certificate proving they were trained on CPR. The trainers give that certificate to the employees immediately onsite once the online course is complete. These are easily replicable so employees could just ask for another one in case the original one gets destroyed or lost.

4. Discount Classes for Families

Employee family members could also get training at special rates and receive certification after they finish the course. They could do the online CPR course and get the certificate right away once they pass the exam.


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