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Advantages of Knowing CPR and How to Get CPR Certified

The American CPR Care Association provides quality CPR training online to increase awareness and confidence in performing emergency response practices. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, commonly known as CPR, is an emergency life-saving procedure that can be used when an individual’s breathing or heartbeat suddenly stops. Following cardiac arrest, a victim can suffer permanent brain damage within just a few minutes. In these scenarios, knowing how to effectively perform CPR is critical to help save a life. 

CPR combines rescue breathing, which provides oxygen to the lungs of the victim, and chest compressions that keep the oxygen-rich blood flowing until the heartbeat and breathing is restored. CPR requires proper training and knowledge before it can be practiced by an individual due to the variation in adults, children, and infants. CPR has proven to increase the survival rate for the patient when given swiftly and properly.

Becoming trained and certified in CPR can help you save someone’s life before the arrival of medical professionals. Certification in CPR allows people to step up in emergency situations, whether they’re a medical professional or not. There are many advantages to becoming a knowledgeable, certified individual who can practice CPR. 

Benefits of CPR Training

In this blog, we take a closer look at some of the advantages of knowing CPR. In the event of an emergency, knowing CPR could be the difference between life and death. 

1. Saving lives

The greatest advantage to knowing CPR is being able to save lives. Hundreds of thousands of lives are lost every year due to cardiac arrest and related medical emergencies. In fact, behind only cancer and heart disease, cardiac arrest is the third leading cause of death in the United States. The most effective way to combat this staggering number is to train as many people as possible in CPR and other life-saving procedures.           

2. Employment

Many different professions require CPR training and certification for employment. Even jobs outside of the medical field, such as electricians, firefighters, and police officers, need to have some type of CPR training. Earning your CPR certification will mean that there is one less hurdle to overcome when seeking employment in one of these fields. 

Even if CPR training isn’t a requirement for your job, this type of medical knowledge and certification can still make you a more valuable employee. Since so many cardiac arrests occur at the workplace (roughly 10,000 each year in the United States), having employees who know CPR is critical for cultivating a safe work environment.           

3. Safer home environment

You never know when an accident or medical emergency will occur, which is why it’s so important to always be prepared. Being trained in CPR is one of the most effective ways to prepare yourself for responding to a range of medical emergencies. Believe it or not, but over 350,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of a hospital each year. Without CPR or medical attention, these cardiac arrest victims can quickly suffer permanent brain damage or death. By knowing CPR, you’ll make your home safer and be better enabled to protect those you care about.    

4. Gain valuable knowledge

A CPR certification class will provide you with valuable medical knowledge. In addition to learning the CPR steps, you’ll also learn essential medical information and foundational concepts. Many CPR training classes also teach you how to safely use an automated external defibrillator (AED) and basic first aid skills. For many of those who enroll in a CPR training class, this can spark a lifelong interest in medicine, health, and wellness.           

5. Empowerment

Training in medical procedures can empower you and boost your confidence no matter where you are. Individuals who are trained and certified in CPR (in addition to other life-saving medical procedures) can engage with their lives, both at work and home, knowing that they can confidently respond to a medical emergency. While no one ever wishes to be involved in a medical emergency, having the skills and confidence to take action is absolutely critical.


Understanding the importance and advantages of knowing CPR is the first step in helping your community. Take the next step by completing your online training and receive your CPR certification with American CPR Care Association. Help us spread the importance of knowing and performing CPR; browse our courses and get CPR certified.


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