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Basics of First Aid You Need to Know

Considering how to get CPR and first aid certified is vital. Learning CPR can help you understand how to promptly respond in an emergency situation. Well, you no longer have to wonder about how to get CPR and first aid certified as you can take classes online and get certified.

First Aid Defined

First aid is the provision of essential medical attention to someone who has experienced a sudden illness or injury.

The Steps for Handling Emergency Situations

There are three steps to deal with emergency situations that are listed below:

  1. First, you have to look at everything that can pose a danger to the environment you are in. This includes risks like fire, falling debris, and poisonous gases. Your safety should be a priority.
  2. The second thing you should do is to call for medical attention. Do this by calling 911 or any other medical emergency.
  3. Lastly, you have to provide care to the victim — you can do this by making CPR compressions or any different type of attention that is required.

First Aid Bandage

Where the victim is wounded, you have to firmly tie a clean bandage on the wound. To apply the bandage, you have to hold the injured area and gently but firmly tie the bandage around it. Then fasten the bandage by using safety pins or tapes.

First Aid for Burns and Scalds

Calling 911 can be essential when you discover that someone has some severe burns or scalds. Then you should cover the burnt area of the skin. Minor burns can be treated by applying cold water. You should also give the victim some painkillers to help relieve the pain.

First Aid CPR

CPR is usually essential when you find someone unconscious. The first thing in such an instance is to call 911. Then start performing some CPR procedures on the victim. This includes making compressions on the chest of the victim to facilitate their heartbeat.

First Aid for Bee and Other Insect Stings

Some cases of insect sting, especially those that involve allergic reaction, can be very critical and can require serious medical attention. In case of the absence of an allergic reaction, you must first remove the sting from the body of the victim and apply calamine oil to relieve the pain.

First Aid for Nose Bleeds

Nose bleeds are very common and require first aid measures. You should put the victim with the head forward and then close their nostrils using your fingers. You should do this for five minutes and check if the bleeding has stopped.

First Aid for Heatstroke

Heatstroke arises when a body is overheated. It is a severe condition that will need medical attention. You should make the victim relax in a cold location. You should also remove any heavy clothing that could be causing excess heat.

First Aid for Heart Attack

The first thing you need to do in the case of a heart attack is to call 911 or any other emergency attention. You should then move to perform CPR compressions on the victim.

First Aid for Babies

If you have a baby, you should have a first-aid kit with appropriate tools for infants. These tools include an infant thermometer and infant acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

First Aid Kit

You should have a well-equipped first-aid kit with all the essentials. This can come in handy in case of an emergency.


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