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CPR Certification for Babysitters

CPR Certification: Why Should Babysitters Get Certified?

Different emergencies can be encountered in households every day, without knowing who will be home at the time. Parents work hard to prioritize the safety of their children. Many a times, however, children are home alone or with a babysitter. More parents today require babysitters to hold a CPR and First Aid certification and seek those applicants only. The most common accident that children encounter is choking. Many games and toys include small pieces that are hazardous to children. Once small children get a hold of these objects, their first intention is to place it into their mouths. If not caught quickly, it is very likely the child could choke. While we hope these objects don’t reach the child in the first place and especially get to their mouth, it is essential that babysitters take immediate action in case of an emergency.

Why should babysitters get CPR certification?

Below are the different reasons why babysitters should undergo CPR and First Aid training: Safety First When hiring babysitters, the first rule that most parents will provide is that their child’s safety must be their topmost priority. People trained in CPR and First Aid are more likely to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to provide care using the proper techniques when an emergency arises. These same individuals are also more likely to know the steps to prevent such instances from occurring in the first place, putting parents and caregivers at more ease.

Emergencies Cannot be Predicted 

Even the best caregivers can’t guarantee that an emergency will not occur when children are left in their hands. Baby sitters should be alert at all times, for any situation medically related or not. Even if the emergency is not medically related, learning the steps of First Aid and CPR could help someone know how to react more calmly and immediately in any situation.

The Only Grown-Up 

When parents go out for work, they leave their children in the hands of the babysitter, and most likely, they are the only adults within the house. It is their responsibility as the ones in charge to keep the children safe. If any unexpected emergencies happen, they need to think fast and know what to do to keep everyone safe.

Every Second Counts 

Time is essentially important when dealing with emergencies. By standing and not doing anything at all while waiting for medical assistance, the child’s life could be in great danger and possibly lead to death. A certified individual could prevent this kind of scenario from occurring.There are different reasons why every family should require their babysitters to obtain CPR and First Aid training and certification. Finding the fittest babysitter for your child and family can be stressful. American CPR Care Association offers CPR and First Aid training online where your babysitter can receive certification for adults, children and infants within a couple of hours. Having baby sitters that are skilled and trained in terms of First Aid and CPR can be beneficial to the household.


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