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How Many CE Credits Do You Get for PALS Certification?

Have you ever wondered how many Continuing Education (CE) hours you get for the Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) course? Knowing exactly what you get while completing a PALS certification is essential if you’re looking to get ahead in your career. Contact hours and credit levels vary by organization; so you should determine the number of credits and hours expected of you before attending class to avoid disappointment. Read on to learn all about how many CE’s you get from PALS and PALS renewal.

What is Continuing Education (CE) Credit?

Professional CE involves granting a certificate or granting Continuing Education Units (CEUs) after attendance at a seminar or course. Traditional styles of classroom lectures and laboratories can be used to give continuing education. However, many CE programs make extensive use of remote education, which might include videos, broadcast programming, or online education. CE requirements are imposed by regulatory authorities on members who continue to practice a certain profession in a variety of sectors, such as teaching and healthcare. These criteria are meant to encourage professionals to broaden their knowledge bases and stay current on new advancements. The standards may be met through college or university coursework, extension courses, or participation at conferences and seminars. The International Association for Continuing Education & Training produces the most widely accepted norms, which is ten contact hours equal to one Continuing Education Unit.


CE is an abbreviation for Continuing Education, while CEU is an abbreviation for Continuing Education Unit. The CEU convention may not be used by all professionals. The American Psychological Association, for example, accredits continuing education sponsors and employs a simple CE technique. Unlike CEUs, CE credit is normally one CE credit for every hour of engagement. CE Units are credit units equal to ten contact hours. Each contact hour lasts a full sixty minutes. These units are awarded to professionals who complete education and training programs that prepare them to be certified or licensed to practice in a specific field.

CE is the abbreviation for the numerous activities for which CEUs are given. In a nutshell, PALS is a CE requirement in various sectors mandated by the state or a healthcare facility. Nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals generally pursue ACLS certification or recertification because it is a prerequisite of their current or prospective job. While some healthcare practitioners are not obligated to deliver advanced life support as part of their job, they nonetheless apply for ACLS certification, typically to keep their options open. PALS certification requires a certain level of ongoing education for a variety of reasons. Several criteria include the type of class: online versus in-person. Another consideration is if the class is extensive, requiring completion of more modules. See some of the healthcare certifications and associated CE below:

ACLS Certification – 8.0 hours, AMA PRA Category, 1 Credit

BLS Certification – 4.0 hours, AMA PRA Category, 1 Credit

PALS Certification – 8.0 hours, AMA PRA Category, 1 Credit

Credits for Nurses

ACLS Certification – 8.0 hours

BLS Certification – 4.0 hours

PALS Certification – 8.0 hours

Credits for EMS

ACLS Certification – 8.0 hours per licensure period

BLS Certification – 4.0 hours per licensure period

PALS Certification – 8.0 hours per licensure period

CEs in the Context of PALS

PALS is accessible in two distinct modes of instruction: blended learning which includes online and hands-on instruction, or fully virtual instruction. Students can enroll in a blended learning program or an online-only program based on their preferred learning style and specific requirements. We recommend our mixed curriculum if hands-on learning is required, and our online-only program if you prefer earning your CEUs for PALS renewal on your own time and from the comfort of your own home. PALS online course teaches the same medical skills and results in the same PALS Course Completion Card. PALS is for healthcare providers who respond to emergencies in children and infants, as well as those who work in emergency response, emergency medicine, ICUs and critical care units. Students who successfully complete the course earn a two-year course completion card. It’s best to check with your employer to ensure that you’ve chosen the relevant course.


At the American CPR Care Association, we proudly offer a wide range of medical training classes. Completing our PALS course online will give you a valid certification to practice Pediatric Advanced Life Support. Our course is created and written by a trained medical doctor and this ensures you are getting the most accurate, updated and best quality PALS course. Contact us today to enroll in our affordable PALS classes.


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