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Everything You Need to Know About Online CPR Courses

Emergency incidents are not uncommon, but it is not something you expect on a daily basis. A valid CPR course online certificate prepares you for any emergencies. It can be a fire outbreak, a kid choking or a roadside accident, the bottom line is you are prepared and ready to help someone in a life-threatening situation. Typically, when an emergency occurs, it is usually out of the blue, frightening, and generally chaotic. This is the main reason why most of us grew up with some form of “emergency planning” instructions from our adult guardians.

Even though the instructions were from multiple sources, they often end up with the same results. Instructions such as having an exit route in case of a fire, keeping the pressure on a bleeding wound, or having a strategic place to hide in case of a home invasion have always been at the back of our heads. A CPR first aid online course will help to set the record straight. It will help you confirm what you know and even much more. Here is what you need to know before taking the online course.

Areas Covered During the Training

There is no doubt that the best online CPR certification training is meant to prepare you for uncertainties, especially where emergencies are concerned. It is also clear that an emergency can arise out of any situation. It may be in the form of a cardiac arrest, a house on fire, or loss of breath due to choking – a good CPR should prepare you for all these kinds of situations.

For instance, when a person has a cardiac arrest, their heart will stop pounding. In turn, there will be no blood flow to the entire body, which will result in damage to internal organs, especially the brain. If this is the case, then death is looming unless someone steps in to do CPR. This course of action will resume blood flow until the patient regains heartbeat or emergency personnel arrive. It is, therefore, necessary that you receive comprehensive CPR training online that covers any medical emergency for you to be well prepared.

Are You Psychologically Prepared to Give Medical Assistance?

Once you are trained to perform CPR, it means that you are ready to handle any form of emergencies. Some situations may be simple, such as a person who doesn’t know to swim well drowns, and you rush to do CPR. Sometimes it can be someone choking while eating and so forth. However, some situations are hard such as doing CPR or First Aid to an accident victim.

Legal or Moral Obligation to Perform CPR

Am I legally or morally obliged to give CPR or First Aid? This is the question that lingers in the minds of many people trained to perform CPR. Most of them believe that once they are equipped with the necessary skills to deal with any form of emergency care, then they automatically become legally obliged to assist those who may need it.


The truth is that most of the states in the U.S.A, 49 to be exact out of the 50, do not legally bind any layman to give medical assistance. The legal obligation is extended to doctors, nurses, and paramedics only. Register today for American CPR Certification Online today!


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