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Everything About Online BLS Certification

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BLS or Basic Life Support is a life-saving procedure. It is administered by medical professionals like emergency personnel, first responders, and public safety personnel. In case of emergencies like cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, or a blockage, knowledge of BLS helps  save a life. BLS requires skill in treating airway blockages in patients of all ages. You will also learn about automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). This course empowers medical professionals and people in related professions. These people should be able to perform CPR in different prehospital and in-facility scenarios.

BLS Certification Topics

  • High-quality techniques of CPR for newborns, children, and adults
  • The elements of the BLS – the AHA Chain of Survival 
  • Early use of an AED
  • Barrier-based ventilation that is efficient
  • The value of teamwork in multi-rescuer CPR
  • How to function as a team while performing multi-rescuer CPR
  • Relieving adults and children from foreign body airway blockage (choking)

How to Get BLS Certification Online?

Professionals like teachers, fitness trainers, childcare providers, sports coaches, etc., may not need a BLS certification as part of their job description. But they need basic training in CPR. They are the people who do not offer emergency care as part of their professional responsibilities. However, they could find themselves in a scenario where they may be responsible for handling an emergency. And that’s when training in life-saving techniques like BLS will help them to take prompt action.

You can get a BLS certification online by registering with a training center that offers an updated BLS course. The BLS certification from the American CPR Care Association is the most advanced and up-to-date. This course is free of charge, and you have to pay if you choose to print your certificate. After finishing the online course, you can take a test whenever you want. If you pass the test, you have the opportunity to get your BLS Certification. You can download your CPR certificate and procure your wallet card with your signature at your registered email address. You can also take the online course for free at your own pace and print the certificate at your convenience.

Basic Life Support (BLS) Course Options

A BLS certification attests to the fact that a person has taken CPR training. You will become proficient in providing CPR to someone experiencing a cardiac arrest. If you choose to take a BLS course, you can select between classroom or online learning methods. Whenever you make this decision, keep in mind the nature of your job and time availability. If you can’t spare time to travel to the classroom, opting for the BLS certification online is your best option.

BLS Certification in Classroom

The duration of a classroom session for BLS certification is usually two to four hours. You will learn by listening to lectures and interactive videos in a classroom setup. You will also get the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice. You will take part in a variety of hands-on activities throughout the session.

Bring a notepad to the classroom to jot down suggestions and valuable information. You can refer to it later, when you appear for the written test. You will also practice the BLS techniques on mannequins. The teachers are either licensed medical professionals or people with considerable training. They are well-versed and thorough in their knowledge and application.

BLS Certification Online

The online BLS certification course from American CPR Care Association is designed, ensuring the most up-to-date information that equips you with life-saving skills. It can help you excel in a career in the medical industry or any other field that requires a BLS certificate. The online medium of learning BLS gives you the flexibility to finish the course at your speed. You can choose your pace and start from anywhere. If you want to renew your certification, then you can skip the modules you don’t want to take.


Enroll today in the online BLS certification courses with the American CPR Care Association. When you enroll with our online learning program, you’ll obtain access to the most advanced online lectures. You can improve your skills and abilities while learning at your own pace.


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