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Heart Attack

Expert Tips on How to Avoid a Heart Attack

When you suffer from a heart attack for the first time, you also learn that you may be suffering from coronary artery disease (CAD). There are many other causes of a heart attack but CAD remains one of the common causes of this condition. Make sure you talk to the doctor to see if you are suffering from it. This is a condition that can affect the coronary artery. You need to take steps to avoid the occurrence of this condition in the near future. There are other instances where our relatives or friends can suffer from the condition. It will require you to take an online first aid and CPR class to know how to handle the situation. In this article, you are going to learn how to avoid the occurrence of another heart attack.

How to Reduce the Immediate Risk

After experiencing a heart attack, there are increased chances that you will suffer from acute coronary syndrome after a few weeks of treatment. The recurrence of ACS can be caused by the re-rapture of the plaque which caused the previous heart attack. Before you leave the hospital where you have gone for your treatment, make sure you inquire from the doctor whether there is another plaque that is remaining. If there is, the doctor will provide you with appropriate medications to resolve the issue completely. The doctor can also discuss with you the available therapy options to get rid of the blockage. You should also advice your friends and family CPR certificate course to prepare for any emergency.

How to Reduce the Long Term Risk

In most cases when the patients visit the hospital, they do believe that they will be treated and the condition will never occur again. They will walk out of the hospital happy and begin leading their normal lives. However, what you need to know is that atherosclerosis is a disease that can affect several locations within your body. This means that any part of your body can rapture at any time to cause a blockage of the coronary artery. When you have had a heart attack, make sure you commit yourself to improve your health to avoid the occurrence of another heart attack. It will require great commitment from your side and the doctors.

Use of Drugs after Heart Attack

When you are looking for ways of avoiding a future heart attack, always make sure you use the drugs which have shown to slow down the growth of CAD or you can as well use drugs that reduce the future blockage of the coronary artery.

Common drugs used in the treatment of the condition include aspirins and statins. The doctor can also make a decision of giving you medications that are intended to reduce the occurrence of angina.

Changing your lifestyle helps you avoid a heart attack again. It is also good to inform your family members or your friends about your condition so that they can learn the ways of handling it. It can involve informing them about the importance of taking an online first aid and CPR class.


Being prepared for emergency situations, such as a heart attack, is important. If you are looking to get your CPR Certification or Recertification, check out American CPR Care Association.



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