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First Aid and CPR Training Courses: 6 Reasons You Should Get Certified

Because technology has greatly advanced, it has become easier for people to access services. First Aid courses are not an exception. You can easily enroll in these lessons thanks to online first aid and CPR classes. When people have not come across life-threatening emergencies themselves, they may have a perception that First Aid training is a waste of time and money. This could result in countless accidents turning into a disastrous loss of life. This should never be the case when it can be prevented.

Reasons for Getting CPR Certified

There are plenty of reasons you should enroll in a First Aid and CPR training course. Here, we’re taking a closer look at some of the top reasons you should get certified today.

Saves Lives

Without a doubt, the most important reason to earn your CPR certification is that it gives you the skills, knowledge, and confidence to take action in the event of an emergency. With CPR and First Aid training under your belt, you could even save a life. This type of medical training and certification is incredibly important because, every year, almost half a million Americans lose their lives to cardiac arrest. If more bystanders were trained in CPR and First Aid, this number would dramatically decrease.

You Never Know When Accidents Will Happen

This is the most imp reason you should begin the journey now. You never know what the future holds. After taking a first aid course you will be proactive and better equipped with the knowledge on how to handle an emergency medical situation.

Most Emergencies Happen at Home

Research has proven that a large percentage of emergencies like heart attacks happen on Mondays and at home. The unfortunate thing is that such emergencies result in permanent disabilities or death. If you take first aid and CPR classes, then you will be capable of saving your dear one’s life or protect them from permanent, physical disabilities.

Positive Outcome

During the first few minutes of an emergency, the intervention taken is very critical. As a matter of fact, it could be the difference between life and death. Take a cardiac arrest as an example. Statistics show that the victims who receive CPR treatment in the first few minutes have a higher chance of survival compared to those who don’t.

In fact, research shows that for every minute following a cardiac arrest episode, the victim’s survival rate decreases by 7 to 10 percent if CPR isn’t performed. In these moments, you don’t have time to get help (after calling 911) or time to look up the steps to perform CPR—you have to jump into action immediately. CPR and First Aid training will not only give you the skills to respond in the face of an emergency but also the confidence to act quickly and without hesitation or doubt. Especially in the case of cardiac arrest, every second truly counts.

Increases Your Chances of Being Employed

Safety has become one of the most important features employers look for. With the validation of workplace safety laws, you can be a real asset to the company. When your resume indicates that you are skilled in administering first aid, you will be considered before others because you have a unique and vital skill to offer the company.

Additionally, many professions, even many that are outside of the healthcare field, require CPR or First Aid training for employment. Here’s a look at a few professions that require CPR or First Aid training and certification:

  • Firefighters.
  • Police officers.
  • Childcare providers.
  • Healthcare workers.
  • Coaches.
  • Jail and prison staff.
  • Lifeguards.
  • Electricians.
  • Flight attendants.

You Will be Equipped to Respond Quickly

The first few minutes of an emergency really counts. With the first aid training, you will have the required skills to make timely responses. If someone had a spinal injury or seizure at your workplace or home, you could perform basic first aid while waiting for medical professionals to reach the scene.

Learn the use of AED

Some online CPR certification courses also include training on how to properly and effectively operate an AED. AEDs (automated external defibrillators) are small medical devices that essentially reset the irregular heartbeat of a cardiac arrest victim. These medical devices can be found in hospitals, schools, and public buildings all over the country. Receiving your AED certification will prepare you to use one in the event of an emergency. 

It Will be a Confidence Booster

Many people stay helpless and gripped in fear during situations of emergency. However, with this training, you gain the skills to behave better in such difficult times. When you know that you can offer help, you will have more self-confidence.

Convenient and Affordable 

With online CPR and First Aid training, there’s never been a better time to learn these life-saving skills. Just think: you can earn your certification through 100 percent online classes and never even have to leave the comfort of your home. These online courses are taught by trained professionals and are designed to meet your needs and schedule. Online CPR classes can be paused and restarted whenever you need—making this model of learning ideal for those working full time. After finishing your final test, you’ll also be able to download and print off instant proof of your new certification.   


In conclusion, enrolling in online first aid and CPR classes is easy and will, without a doubt, have a positive impact on your life. They are affordable and only take a short time period to complete. The lessons are easy to understand and cover skills and techniques for adult, children, and infant CPR. 

There are many reasons to earn your First Aid and CPR certification. Being trained in these medical techniques will make you and your loved ones safer, improve your marketability in the professional world, and boost your confidence. Of course, the most important reason to learn CPR and First Aid is that these courses could help you save a life. In the event of an emergency, CPR and First Aid certification provides you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to take action. Someone’s life could depend on it. 

For more information on CPR and First Aid certification, check out the American CPR Care Association blog or reach out to us via our contact page with any questions.


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