First Aid Kit: DIY 101 for You

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is very useful during emergencies, accidents, and injuries. It should have the necessary medical supplies to help you in case of an accident. CPR courses online can help you with the necessary knowledge required to build a kit and how to perform first aid. Creating your first aid kit has several advantages — it is less expensive and easier to identify the expiration date of your kit’s equipment.

CPR courses online can help you acquire the ability to deal with emergency issues and also to attend to the injured people by using a first aid kit.
The following are some equipment that should be included in your home first aid kit:


Bandages are very important in cases of injuries. Your bandage package may include absorbent compresses, sterile gauze cloths, adhesive bandages, rolled bandages, and triangular bandages. To help your bandage stick better, you may need to add a liquid bandage or benzoin. You should also make it crucial to use sterilized eye dressings to help minimize eye injuries.

Sterilizers and Antiseptics

When attending to an injury, you should make sure that your hands and wound are clean. You may decide to use triple-antibiotic cream or antiseptic wipe packs for this purpose. Nonlatex gloves and hand sanitizers should be always used when performing the process. Distilled water should always be present to aid in the cleaning of wounds.

Pain Relievers

Pain relievers are very essential for symptom relief. These can include drugs like cough medicine, aspirin, antihistamine tablets, ibuprofen, and nasal decongestant. Also, make sure that your first aid kit has a burn ointment which is very useful for minor burns and hydrocortisone ointment which deals with skin irritation and rashes. A pain-relieving spray is also an important pain reliever that should be present in the kit.


The tools needed in the first aid kit are tweezers, cotton balls, safety pins, cloth or medical tape, and scissors. A digital thermometer is advised to be present as well as plastic bags where the used materials can be safely disposed of. A magnifying glass and pocket flashlight are also very important in treating very small wounds. The most important item that a first aid kit should contain is an instruction booklet.

Consider Your Family’s Medications

It is important to consider the type of medicines that your family regularly uses. If for example one of your family members has frequent heartburn or hypoglycemia, you should include those items used for the treatment of these conditions.

Number of First Aid Kits You Need to Have

You are supposed to possess a minimum of one first aid kit in your car and your house. A first aid kit should also be present in other vehicles that you own.

Where to Place the Kit?

First aid kits at home should be placed in an accessible area but far away from the reach of children. You should ensure that older children, regular guests, and adults are aware of where to find the kit in case of an emergency.

Always check your first aid kit regularly to ensure that the medicines available are not expired to prevent further complications during treatment. Make sure to wash all the equipment used and sterilize them to prevent infections.

It is important to be prepared for emergency situations by being equipped with a first aid kit and getting trained in CPR and/or First Aid. To get certified, check out American CPR Care Association where you can choose from blended or online courses.

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