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Make the Most of Your CPR & First Aid Certification Card

Learning Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and first aid is a must in preparing for a crisis. The biggest advantage is, of course, being able to help those in trouble at the right time to save their lives. CPR and First Aid certification prepares you to take life-saving action when someone goes through cardiac arrest.

The American CPR Care Association offers First Aid CPR classes online that you can choose from to serve this purpose. These courses provide online videos and tutorials from qualified instructors to teach the entire procedure, enabling you to spring to action should the need arise. If you wish to become certified, you will need to complete an online quiz at your own time and convenience after completing the course. Upon passing the test you will receive your certification card, signed by certified instructors for no extra charge. Below are just a few ways in which you can make the most of your CPR and first aid certification.

Advantage at the Workplace

A CPR trained employee is an asset for any company, even apart from the medical field. You may be the only one in the entire workspace who can potentially help save someone’s life in an unforeseen situation. With the number of cardiac cases going up yearly, an average of 10,000 sudden cardiac arrests occur at work. While looking for a job, make sure you let the company know about your certification card. This could be an asset to their company too.

Handling Children

A CPR and first aid certificate card can be a blessing whether you come into contact with children frequently via work or your everyday life. Be it babysitting, teaching, or parenting, there is nothing more important than saving a little child’s life. With permanent brain damage occurring within minutes of delayed CPR in children, CPR is an essential skill that can set you apart.

Immediate Response

People who have completed their First Aid CPR classes online can be the first response to saving someone’s life. These certifications prepare you to take action before the emergency medical services team arrives or before the patient is taken to a hospital. Performing CPR correctly and quickly can preserve brain function, buying the victim precious time and vastly improving their chances of recovery. 


Enroll today in American CPR Care Association’s online CPR and First Aid classes and save a life!


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