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BLS Certification Renewal

How to Renew BLS Certification in 2024?

Life support training is the primary skill in the healthcare field. Basic life support training is beneficial for medical personnel and first responders to stabilize victims of life-threatening cardiovascular emergencies. Preparing for the certification may seem challenging, but with a bit of planning and studying, you can take this course confidently.

After certification, it is crucial for healthcare providers to opt for recertification after a 2-year tenure. These skills help you respond to medical emergencies. Read the blog to explore how to renew BLS certification. But before that, know who needs the certification, and the reasons for seeking one.

What does a BLS recertification course teach?

As a first responder and a healthcare provider, you must seek BLS certification. Courses offering BLS cover several topics, including the following:

  • How and when to perform CPR for children, adults, and infants
  • Using an automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • How to use an AED
  • Ways to relieve foreign body airway obstruction in adults and infants
  • Life-saving practices, including the chain of survival
  • Steps to provide effective ventilation
  • Difference between a single rescuer and a multi rescuer.

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Why do you need to recertify?

BLS training courses require participants to renew their certification every two years. The renewal process keeps you updated with recent guidelines and techniques. The dynamic nature of healthcare requires continuous learning and skill enhancement to offer the best possible care.

When you renew a BLS course, individuals must seek out reputable organizations offering high-quality training based on the latest guidelines and practices. A reputable organization is widely recognized and accepted across bodies. This provides confidence in the skills and knowledge acquired.

How often should a healthcare provider renew BLS certification?

The deadlines of the BLS course are every two years. This makes you a learned BLS practitioner. It is also crucial to consider that failure to maintain the certification could result in consequences.

What are the common mistakes that people make during BLS renewal courses?

During BLS and CPR training courses, individuals may make a few common errors that can affect their ability to respond during emergencies. Some of these mistakes include improper hand placement during CPR, inadequate compression depth, etc.

Participants must enhance their hands-on training skills and stay compliant with the latest updates. Additionally, it is also a must to stay updated with the changing protocols to maintain competence.

How to renew your BLS certification in 2024?

New year brings new changes and advancements. Here are the steps to renew BLS certification in 2024:

  1. Check your certification’s expiration date.
  2. Renew prior to the two-year tenure to continue your administration.
  3. Find the best operator for the BLS course.
  4. Enroll in the course online and complete the modules at your own pace.
  5. Take the quiz and pass the examination.
  6. Download the certificate.

Online Vs Offline BLS training

Healthcare practitioners can renew the certification virtually and in person. Online BLS recertification courses give an opportunity to redo the curriculum in a convenient way. It not only declutters the information that one needs but also guarantees that the training is not compromised in quality.

Reputable organizations provide high-quality online resources based on up-to-date best practices. It is crucial to ensure that the online certification is widely accepted by regulatory bodies. 

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How do you prepare for your BLS renewal?

Here are 3 easy steps to prepare for BLS renewal:

  1. Practice physical skills: Many of the skills learned in BLS courses involve physical techniques such as CPR. Practicing these skills is crucial to preparing for healthcare emergencies. Hence, practice your skills even if you are taking the course online.
  2. Feel free to ask: If you are not sure about something, feel free to ask. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the course material. Many people may have similar questions and will benefit likewise.
  3. Choose a reputed organization: While you may have different choices, however, select a company offering high-quality training.


BLS recertification is a critical aspect of equipping healthcare providers to respond effectively during emergencies. The renewal process offers opportunities for providers to enhance knowledge and skills. This helps benefit healthcare providers and the community.

By staying abreast of the guidelines, healthcare professionals can improve patient outcomes and boost survival rates during emergencies. Hence, healthcare providers must prioritize renewal to continue offering high-quality care. You can look for BLS early renewal options to recertify before the deadline. Now that you know how to renew BLS certification, recertify today and align your skills with the latest advancements in healthcare.


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