How to Renew Your CPR Certification Online
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How to Renew Your CPR Certification Online

How to Renew Your CPR Skills Quickly & Easily

You don’t stop refreshing your skills after you pass a test. You continue to sharpen your knowledge so when the time comes, you can respond. The same applies to your CPR certification. Many people think once they get their certification, they’re done. But that’s not how skills work. You have to commit them to muscle memory through repetition.

This blog discusses how to renew your CPR certification online. It also discusses the various pros and cons of both online, blended, and in-person CPR courses. Choosing which one is right for you comes down to your situation and whether you need more hands-on experience or you prefer a more flexible approach.

At American CPR Care Association, we believe the world needs more CPR-certified citizens. Furthermore, we believe the citizens who have their CPR certification need to make sure they keep their skills sharpened so when the time comes, they can act quickly and decisively.

Who Needs CPR Recertification?

Two groups of people earn their CPR certification and then require CPR certification renewal. The first group consists of people who want to learn CPR for the sake of their community. These people aren’t required to earn their CPR certification, but they want to be good Samaritans.

Parents or grandparents might want to be CPR-certified to help in case of an emergency. Students on college campuses might also want to be prepared for CPR emergencies just in case.

The second group consists of people required to maintain their CPR certification for work reasons or a State Licensure Board. Professions such as lifeguards, nurses, and fitness professionals. These CPR-certified individuals need CPR certification, and they need to sharpen their skills.

What CPR Certifications Are Available?

There are three different options for people trying to earn or renew their CPR certification. People can either choose online, blended, and in-person classes.

Online CPR Certification

Online CPR uses a series of online training videos and a final exam to train students. After passing the final exam for your online CPR renewal, you will have immediate access to your certification cards to show your employer. You can print it or use digital proof to show your employer.

Online CPR renewal is often more affordable than hands-on CPR and provides you with flexibility. If your schedule is demanding and you have a full-time job, online CPR certification gives you complete control over your schedule to complete the course at your own pace.


Blended learning environments let students complete their CPR recertification with in-person portions and online segments. These classes can give students the best of both worlds- giving them hands-on experience while still letting them control their schedule.  After completing the online portion of your online recertification, you can finish the hands-on assessment.


Classroom options are ideal for those students who need more of a hands-on approach to their training. These classes use instructors to teach their students and have dummies for them to practice the skills portion of the training.

Why Is CPR Recertification Important?

Less than half of CPR-certified individuals can pass a skills test a year after their training. Recertification helps these students keep their knowledge sharp and keeps them up to date on the shifting guidelines.

Jobs also require their employees to keep their CPR certification current. So, even if you get your CPR certification, you need to keep track of your expiration date. Letting your certification expire can make you liable if an accident occurs.

Additionally, CPR recertification doesn’t require extensive effort or much money. When you renew your CPR certification, you ensure you stay true to your commitment to saving lives.

Who Is Best Suited for Online CPR Training?

The great news is that virtually anyone can get their CPR certification and renewing it is just as easy. The following traits describe the ideal candidate for online CPR renewal.

  • If you aren’t taking CPR for employment purposes.
  • If your employer requires CPR certification but it doesn’t require hands-on evaluation.
  • If the State Board allows online training.

What If My CPR Certification Is Already Expired?

You don’t want to wait longer than thirty days after your certification expires to sign up for recertification. Doing so means you risk losing your skills. If you do wait longer than 30 days, you should retake the certification course to ensure your skills are sharp enough to save lives.

How Long Are CPR and First-Aid Recertification Courses?

Courses range in duration, but you can complete most within an hour. If you have a hectic schedule, online courses allow you to control your class pace. CPR recertification courses should be affordable, effective, and flexible. They shouldn’t require large investments of time, effort, or money.

Online BLS Recertification

Basic Life Support is more advanced than regular CPR recertification courses. BLS courses teach tandem CPR, and are primarily intended for healthcare professionals. They teach proper AED usage, choking procedures, and advanced life support techniques.

Online CPR Recertification for First Aid

Most associations that offer CPR recertification also offer First-Aid recertifications. First-Aid recertifications refresh your medical responses and techniques to ensure you know everything that goes into a wide range of injuries and illnesses. First-Aid recertifications will provide you everything you need to provide professional medical assistance.

CPR Recertification FAQs

Is AED Training Included in CPR Recertification Training?

AEDs are rapidly integrating into more and more offices and homes. These machines issues shocks when someone is in ventricular fibrillation. They can restore a normal sinus rhythm to the heart by sending electrical pulses.

These machines are also easy to use and students can complete certification quickly and easily.

Which Recertification Should I Choose?

Answering which CPR recertification, you should choose comes down to your circumstances. If you have an exceptionally busy schedule, online classes make the most sense. However, if your job requires more hands-on experience, then a blended or in-person class makes more sense.

With online classes, instructors are very responsive and can provide quick feedback. You can also access your certification quicker and take the course at your own pace. This has some benefits, such as being able to retrace your steps whenever you’re not entirely clear on something.

Is Online CPR Recertification as Good as In-Person Recertification?

Again, it depends on your circumstances. For most laypeople, they won’t need extensive training to refresh their skills. Some students even report learning more online than in a classroom. It just depends on whether your employer or state accepts online CPR renewal.

Online CPR recertification also allows you to retake tests as many times as you like until you pass, which promotes skills retention.

Is a Skills Demonstration Required for CPR Recertification?

Most states and employers don’t require a skills demonstration for CPR recertification. Employers might require their employees to demonstrate proficiency in the skills portion, and in these cases, hybrid-learning environments are the most convenient and effective.

Conclusion- How to Renew Your CPR Certification Online

Renewing your CPR certification online is a painless, effective way to ensure your skills stay sharp. 350,000 cardiac arrests occur every year, out of which 7 in 10 occur at home. You can double or triple someone’s survival chances through effective CPR- CPR certification isn’t only for health care professionals.

It’s your civic duty to learn the simple procedure that could save not only your friends and family’s lives, but also the lives of countless others who may need your medical knowledge during cardiac arrest emergencies.


At American CPR Care Association, we believe in arming the public with medical knowledge that can save lives. Our affordable, effective, self-paced CPR certification courses will teach you how to perform CPR and respond quickly during emergencies.  Contact us today to renew your CPR certification.


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