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Learning CPR: Does it Make a Difference?

CPR is the best way to respond to the occurrence of cardiac emergencies within or outside the hospital. As soon as the heart stops beating, the brain will fail to receive any supply of oxygenated blood. Brain cells and tissues will die thereafter resulting to the victim’s complete loss of chance in surviving. Although there are some responders who can perform CPR with ease, it is still important to certify in CPR every 2 years to learn and develop the CPR knowledge and skills based on new standards.

Why Should I Learn CPR?

In order to perform CPR effectively, people must have training on how to perform chest compressions and give breaths. This may not only prevent further injuries, but also increase the survival rate because of well-performed CPR. It is recommended that CPR training be taken by every individual especially individuals in the medical professional due to the following reasons:

  • Learning CPR can make a person confident in performing their own skills on an actual victim.
  • This reduces the fatality of a person’s survival, even before the medical team administers AED.
  • Although it is easy to learn, you still need to learn the different guidelines and requirements surrounding it; this will lead you to perform CPR in the most effective manner.

Immediately responding to those who need your help is such a great privilege. Cardiac arrest is a serious matter and the fact that it could eventually result in someone being brain dead is something that should be taken very seriously.

CPR Training Cert

Online CPR Training

By learning the knowledge and the skills needed, you can confidently help a victim of sudden cardiac arrest whether they are a stranger, co-worker or a loved one. You could also help by teaching others about the importance of CPR. Spreading the word and teaching others will help to decrease the deaths caused each year by sudden cardiac arrest. So, when asked if YOU are learning CPR can make a difference, the answer is of course! Learning CPR at American CPR Care Association will not only benefit you but also the others around you who are waiting to be saved as of the moment.


Help achieve ACCA’s goal of saving more lives. Visit to know more about the course and choose the blended-learning option if you would like a hands-on portion included in your training.


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