Lower Your Insurance Premiums with CPR Certifications

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The average annual spending of Americans on car insurance is around $1500, the average for medical insurance lies at $3.7 trillion. These statistics paint a life-long expense picture for families. There are however ways you can reduce the premium amount using BLS and CPR certificates. The insurance premium is calculated based on the risk levels, so how can these certifications contribute to a lower payment? The answer lies in understanding how this life-saving training contribute to reducing the risk levels and overall parenthood skills. Below we discuss the importance of online CPR healthcare provider certification and how one can use it to lower premiums.

The Overall Impact of Health Care Burden on Insurance

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that the $3.7 trillion amount has a significant impact on healthcare. It has forced costs to increase for individuals at higher risk of accidents, injuries or sickness. These are the factors underwriters take into consideration when determining the premium amounts.

Getting the CPR certification not only prepares individuals to help each other but creates a channel for trust building among the employees. The New York Times reported that the CPR courses went a long way in building trust and relationships among employees in financial firms.

CPR Certification Improves Overall Health 

Underwriters have to evaluate the overall risk of individuals, businesses or entities before they determine the premium rate. Factors such as fitness, health, medical history, lifestyle, and other factors are considered.

In the case that an elderly person purchases health insurance, the premium rates may be relatively high. If the elderly lives with an individual who has taken the CPR training and other life-training courses the premium rates can be negotiated to a lower amount. This is because the chances of death from cardiac arrests have been reduced.

CPR Certification Can Lower Auto Insurance Premiums 

CPR training courses can significantly lower the auto insurance premiums. Individuals who have undergone the complete CPR training understand risks involved in the day to day activities. Even the basic actions of driving to work are viewed in a completely different light after the CPR training. During accidents, the certified individual can perform lifesaving assistance to the individuals which may save lives. The underwriter may then see fewer claims resulting from accident deaths hence reducing the premium rates.

Increases Eligibility for Discounts 

Based on the insurance underwriters, individuals who work within careers revolving around CPR and BLS certification can be eligible to apply for premium discounts. Hospitals and medical centers often partner with insurance companies to offer discounts on premiums. These discounts can also apply to the daycare providers, teachers, and sports coaches. Employees of CPR and lifesaving certification scan benefit from, offers on additional insurance types such as life, home or disability once they apply for the auto insurance. Combining different types of insurances from the same provider could be beneficial, in discounts and lower premium rates. It is crucial to look for online CPR healthcare provider — not only do you get reduced health risks but economic value on insurance.

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