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Online CPR Certification FAQ

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a life-saving process that serves to continue the flow of blood throughout the body when a victim has suffered some form of cardiac arrest. Proper CPR procedures consist of alternating chest compressions and rescue breaths which can keep oxygenated blood flowing to the brain and other essential organs. CPR is an invaluable tool, as it is the only way to encourage continued blood flow throughout the victim’s body while waiting for emergency first responders to arrive on the scene.

Receiving your CPR certification may be required for your profession, or you may be considering it simply so that you can have peace of mind knowing that you possess the skills necessary to save a life. However, regardless of the reason you’re looking to become certified, it’s important to note that one of the most increasingly popular ways to receive CPR certification is online. CPR certification courses used to only be available in-person, taught by a live instructor in a classroom environment. However, online CPR certification is now readily available as a flexible and affordable alternative to traditional hands-on training. 

What Are the Differences Between Online and In-Person CPR Courses? 

The main difference between an online and in-person CPR class is the hands-on portion. Online CPR courses simply cannot offer the same hands-on learning experience that in-person training can. 

However, many online CPR certification courses do offer what is called a “blended” course structure. This allows you to get your certification online and then connect with a certified instructor in-person in order to receive the hands-on portion of your training. Additionally, some online courses may mail you a practice dummy for temporary use which can allow you to obtain hands-on certification. 

Furthermore, quality online CPR certification courses are likely to take much less time than traditional classroom courses, and they can often cost less money. In addition, online CPR certification classes can allow you to download your certification card immediately after you pass your final exam. Additionally, with an online certification class, you can complete the course from anywhere you like and within your own time frame. 

Are Online Certifications Accepted When Working at a Hospital? 

Some hospitals require an American Heart Association (AHA) accredited CPR class, and because that requires a traditional hands-on skill assessment, the AHA does not currently accredit nor offer online CPR certifications. However, many hospitals will still accept an online CPR certification, as they are a fast-growing way to gain the skills necessary to perform the lifesaving procedure. If you are concerned about whether or not your employer will accept online certification, be sure to ask them before moving forward. 

Do Online CPR Classes Teach the Same Things as In-Person Classes? 

The material contained within a trustworthy online CPR course is very much the same as that offered in-person. Despite the lack of a hands-on portion of the course, all the other topics will be consistent between an online and in-person class. Some of the things you should expect to learn in your online CPR certification class include:

  • Assessing the situation
  • Performing CPR on Adults (chest compressions, rescue breaths, checking for breathing)
  • Child CPR
  • Infant CPR
  • The use of an automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • The use of a child AED
  • Contacting emergency services
  • How to deal with a person who is choking prior to administering CPR 

How Can I Get CPR Certified Online? 

In order to get CPR certified online, you first need to find a credible provider. There are many online CPR certification programs that adhere to both AHA and OSHA guidelines and thus are excellent options. Once you’ve selected a program, you will typically be taught via a series of video lectures which can be watched at your own pace. Additionally, you will be provided with all the necessary study materials, which should be available in a downloadable format for offline review. 

Furthermore, most quality online programs come complete with a series of practice questions in order to allow you to test your knowledge of the material as you move through the course. Finally, when you’re ready, you will be allowed to take the certification exam. Most credible online programs will let you take the test multiple (or even an unlimited number of) times until you pass. Once you have successfully completed the course, you should receive instant proof of your certification via a downloadable certification card. 

How Long Does Online CPR Certification Take? 

One of the biggest benefits of taking an online CPR certification course is that it offers the flexibility to complete it at your own pace. Thus, the length of time that it takes to complete your online training can vary greatly depending on your personal schedule and circumstances. However, most online CPR classes can actually be completed in as little as 1 – 2 hours. 

How Much Does Online CPR Certification Cost? 

Online CPR certification is a very affordable option. In fact, most fully online CPR certification classes can be completed for under $20. The reason these types of classes are so inexpensive is that there is no need to pay an individual instructor for each course, and the CPR dummies which are used in traditional hands-on courses aren’t necessary. Furthermore, the fact that all the study materials are available electronically makes the course even more affordable. 

How Long Does an Online CPR Certification Last? 

Online CPR certifications typically last as long as in-person ones, which is two years. After that, you will need to become recertified, which is also something offered by almost all online CPR certification agencies. 

What Are the Benefits of Taking an Online CPR Certification Class?

There are many benefits to getting your CPR certification online. Some of which include:

  • Flexible course structure
  • Downloadable course materials
  • Downloadable certification card upon completion of the final exam
  • Ability to complete the course quickly 
  • Ability to obtain your certification from anywhere, including the comfort of your own home
  • Highly affordable experience, especially when compared to in-person training
  • Often, blended options are available, allowing you to receive hands-on training
  • Often, you may retake your final exam if you do not pass the first time


Thanks to the availability of online training, everyone now has the option to receive their CPR certification from anywhere at any time. Be sure to check out trustworthy online programs in order to receive the life-saving skills you need for your career or your own peace of mind right from the comfort of your home. 


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