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Online CPR Training: A Guide on what is Taught

Sudden cardiac arrest is a major cause of death in the USA. As per the reports of the American Heart Association, nearly 95% of SCA victims succumb even before reaching the emergency room. However, the survival rate can be improved by increasing the number of trained and informed individuals who can take immediate action. Fortunately, there are many types of online CPR training available so more people can become certified. CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation includes chest compressions and artificial ventilation for maintaining circulation during a cardiac arrest. An appropriate and prompt resuscitation involves defibrillation. It should be followed by post-cardiac arrest care for better recovery. Here are some practice essentials that should be followed throughout this process:  

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Understand the Indications:

It is important that CPR is performed immediately on a person who is unconscious with a sinking pulse. In this regard, an assessment of cardiac electrical activity using rapid recording can help in the detailed analysis of SCA. It indicates the type of cardiac arrest and treatment options available for the same. Generally, cardiac activity is lost due to malignant arrhythmia that may include ventricular fibrillation, Pulseless electrical activity, Asystole, Pulseless ventricular tachycardia, and Pulseless bradycardia. In all these conditions, CPR should be initiated before the rhythm can be identified. It should continue while a defibrillator is applied and charged.    

Know About the Equipment Required:

In its basic form, CPR can be performed without any special equipment.  However, even when patients are resuscitated outside the hospital setting, an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) may be available nearby. While the AED prompts the rescuer of the steps to be taken, it is important for individuals to receive AED training beforehand to take general precautions. If necessary, the hospitals and EMS systems also use a cardiac defibrillator that gives an electric shock to the heart by placing two electrodes on the patient’s chest.

Understand the Techniques of CPR:

With online CPR training, you can learn the basic and advanced procedures for performing CPR. The training includes techniques and positioning for performing chest compressions, opening the airway, and providing rescue breaths. The patients should be laid on a relatively hard surface instead of a mattress to make it effective. The training also outlines the different guidelines. For example, the procedure is different as per the age and health conditions of the patient. Also, the steps for CPR are provided with great detail such as: the practitioner should see if there is anything blocking the airway in the patient’s mouth.

Understand the Complications of CPR:

The main complications of this procedure may include fracture of the ribs which is usually uncommon. In some cases, it can also result in gastric insufflation caused by artificial respiration during mouth to mouth or BVM ventilation. Vomiting may also occur. However, these are minor cases in comparison to saving the individual’s life.   These are some essential factors provided in online CPR / AED training.  


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