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Pitfalls of Local Training Mitigated by an Online CPR Course

It pays to know what to do in different emergency situations, although it is apparent to believe that nothing unpleasant or unforeseen will happen. Hypothetically, someone around you suddenly collapses, stops breathing or their heartbeat cannot be felt! What can you do as a layperson? How can an online CPR course help you?

This is where emergency procedures such as CPR or Cardiopulmonary resuscitation can literally save a person’s life. There are many organizations that train lay-people and even children in CPR. A number of good online CPR certification health providers also operate successfully for training individuals not only in CPR but also in First aid and Bloodborne Pathogens certifications.

Advantages of Online CPR Course

Does online training really work? And what are their advantages over traditional classroom training? Let’s have a look:

Fits Your Schedule:

Online certification is ideal both for individuals with no medical background and also for those from a medical/healthcare background. Online courses put CPR training within your reach, especially when your nearest local training center is quite a distance from you and you don’t have that much time to spare while juggling work and family demands. Going through an online CPR course is an excellent way to get started whether you want to boost your profile for a potential employer, or simply equip yourself to be prepared for any circumstance. Also, travel time is eliminated and the duration of learning is flexible i.e. can be done at your pace.

Approved Instructors:

You can ensure that you are coached only by approved instructors by opting for an online CPR course. Many employers ask for AHA (American Heart Association) or American Red Cross certified trainers or courses framed by these organizations. Hence, you get to choose the online training organization and at the same time, ensure that they are certified. You will not be confined to the limited options available in your neighborhood.


Every certification course will have a set of modules to be covered. You may have already covered these in another course or be familiar with them through your occupation, so you may want to skip these modules. On the other hand, you may want to recap a module or two before taking your certification test. In these cases, online courses are best suited to you.


An online CPR course is much more economical than a classroom training session where you travel to a physical building and learn from an instructor. Online courses can be provided at very reasonable rates owing to pre-recorded video sessions and the absence of a classroom.


When opting for certification in CPR over the physical training classes, you should just be sure to choose an approved institute. At the end of the day, if you get to prevent sudden death, that’ll be gratification enough for anyone.


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