Protecting Your Loved Ones & Community During an Earthquake
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Protecting Your Loved Ones & Community During an Earthquake

Unlike most predicaments, earthquakes come at the most inopportune time. You never know the date or time it might hit and that may be the reason why it claims many lives apart from causing irreversible destructions. The only way you can ever hope to survive an earthquake attack is by preparing well in advance for situations like that. Continue finding more tips on how you can stay prepared and safe during earthquake attacks. Aside from enrolling in an online CPR first aid certification course here are other tips to help you prepare sufficiently for both your sake and that of your family.

Train for First Aid and CPR Courses

There is always a high probability of being hurt after an earthquake. How well is your family or community prepared for this? Enroll for online CPR first aid certification today and learn basic first aid and CPR skills. These skills are very handy in saving lives after the earthquake but also help improve recovery before the arrival of professional medical assistance.

Devise an Earthquake Readiness Plan

The best preparation for earthquakes involves enlightening the community, your family and friends on safety procedures during earthquakes. Enlighten your family and practice earthquake drills to improve the memory and preparedness of those you love. Among the things you need to do during the preparation, the strategy is to design an evacuation plan from the sketch of your house. Mark all possible exit points and location of emergency food, extinguishers, and first aid kits. Locate your utility switches and practice turning off both the gas, water, and electricity supply during the predicament. Keep flashlights and gas tanks to help you maneuver through the rooms to the exit points.

Have Disaster Supply Kits

Do you have an updated supplies kit for your family? Your kit needs to have the supplies inclusive of food and water that can last for about three days or more. Medication, cash, and important documents should also be included in this kit to lessen confusion when tragedy attacks. Include emergency contacts, evacuation sites, and addresses on a card that should be carried by every family member. This mitigates confusion and improves survival chances during the earthquake.

Ready Your Home for Emergency Earthquakes

Poor construction is among the leading causes of damage and death during earthquakes. Assess the condition of your house and if unfit to survive an earthquake start making renovation plans earlier. Your house foundation should be strong and well anchored to the ground for increased support and strength. You also have to repair any weak walls with cracks among other things.

After Earthquake Measures

Aftershocks that follow an earthquake may be more dangerous than the earthquakes themselves. Weak buildings crumble during this period and everything has to be done to save those trapped in collapsing buildings. There are more after-earthquake deaths and injuries than there are during the emergency. Ensure it is safe to move to a safe zone and help those with you get from the buildings. Call for medical assistance as you begin administering medical help or first aid to injured members of your community.


To better prepare yourself for emergency situations like an earthquake it is important to know life-saving skills such as CPR. Enroll in an online or blended course with American CPR Care Association.

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