Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Athletes: CPR Importance
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ACCA Risk of Cardiac Arrest

Risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Athletes-Importance of CPR

American CPR Care Association values and stresses the importance of receiving CPR training to help in situations such as sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), respiratory problems, or any other condition that could strike at any time. There are some activities that demand this kind of professionalism to be present at all times, like sports.

Due to their training and fitness, many people find it difficult to imagine athletes experiencing sudden cardiac arrest, however, it is more common than people think. This is where the importance of CPR increases, as sudden cardiac arrest is not a planned occurrence and needs immediate attention. More sports organizations around the country require coaches, trainers, and even athletes themselves to hold a CPR certification due to unforeseen circumstances.

Causes of SCAs on Athletes

One of the main requirements in beingan athlete is to be physicallyfit; therefore, it means that they should not acquire anything that canbe a hindrance to their goal of winning. However, despite maintaining a healthy body, athletes can never escape the dangers ofexperiencing sudden cardiac arrests.SCAson young athletesmay be caused byan underlying genetic heartdisorder, such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy,which occurswhen the heart musclecells enlarge and result in thethickeningof ventricles.Athletes also experience a sudden change in their heart’s rhythm due to vigorous training and physical activity. Although this is not always harmful, it can still be a triggering factor of sudden cardiac arrests.

The Purpose of a CPR Specialist 

A person with CPR training must be capable of resuscitating or maintaining the life signals of a person suffering from a ventricular fibrillation cardiac arrest in a stable state. These people need to be deployed as public rescuers to act quickly in emergency situations.

American CPR Care Association adheres to the latest CPR certification training guidelines for those professionals or individuals with a flair or interest in taking action to save lives. When it comes to saving athletes, this training helps to create specialists with a great list of features and skills, preparing them to overcome any challenge.

So, Is CPR Certification Worth the Effort?

Astonishing as it may sound, a CPR certification is mandatory for almost any type of activity that involves high blood pressure levels, like sports. This is due to the imminent nature of a sudden cardiac arrest, a syndrome that could happen to anyone at any time, even to an athlete or a person with remarkable fitness and health. Cardiac emergencies tend to happen at unexpected times and places, leaving greater responsibility and importance in individuals to be prepared to act fast.


As an athlete, you should always be prepared to handle cardiac emergencies on the ground. Visit to receive your CPR certification and be prepared to handle emergencies with confidence.


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