Ten Essential First Aid Skills: Must-Know for Everyone
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Ten Must Know First Aid Skills for Anyone

Basic first aid skills are important for anyone considering accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Equipping yourself with these lifesavings first aid skills might help contain a situation that could have gotten worse or even led to the loss of lives. Go today and apply for an online CPR first aid certification to be in the clear on these critical life-saving skills.

10 First Aid Skills You Must Know

Below are a few of the basic first aid skills you need to know but it is important that you get trained before you implement them during an accident.

Know the ABC’s

Besides the importance of these letters in the alphabet, switch the letters around and they stand for something very important in CPR. They represent airway, breathing, and compression which are very key elements to check when you find an unconscious person. The 2015 guidelines state the order as C-A-B, so remember to start with compressions, then airway, and breathing last.

How to Halt Bleeding?

Both deep and minor cuts might result in bleeding which in any case must be stopped to prevent further damage. When you notice bleeding on a victim, apply slight pressure on the cut most preferably with your gloves on. You can also use a piece of clean clothing to apply pressure on the bleeding area. The pressure should be enough to stop the bleeding until medical help arrives to cover or dress the wound.

How to Deal with Burns?

Before attending to the affected area, ensure that the patient is in a comfortable position. This makes it easy to attend to them considering the amount of pain they are in. You can then use a clean but wet piece of clothing and press it on the affected areas. This helps the skin’s condition from deteriorating as you help for medical assistance to arrive.


Get some ice blocks and enclose them in a plastic covering. Regardless of whether it is an ankle or wrist sprain, ice can do. Press the ice on the painful stained part to mitigate the swelling. Do these for some time as you wait for specialized medical help to arrive on the scene.


This is a serious injury that deserves all of your attention. Ensure that the victim is in a comfortable position and keep their head from any form of movement. Seek urgent medical assistance from there as you support the patient


Diarrhea can be very dangerous to a human body because of the rapid and huge loss of body fluids during the process. It actually leads to dehydration which can be very detrimental to the victim. Your main move during first aid should be rehydrating the victim as much as you can. Most people prefer to prepare a diet that helps restore fluids to the body. Maintain the diet until the patient’s health improves.

Practice the Art of Reassurance

This is yet another skill that you should master as a first aider. It helps to keep the patient in a calm state as you administer first aid action or wait for medical help. Reassuring them takes their mind off the pain which makes everything else easy.

Purchase a First Aid Kit and Always Carry It with You

It is important that you buy a first aid kit that is well stocked with basic medical apparatus and painkillers. There are situations where you may have to control bleeding by sewing the wound and without the basic scissors and needles you may not be able to save the victim. Basic first aid kit constituents include bandages, cotton wool, thermometer, and even gauzes.

Enroll for CPR Lessons to Improve First Aid Skills

With all the above skills you still need to apply for online CPR first aid certification. This way you get to train to become a fully certified first aider. The course will train you to become an efficient lifesaver that accident victims can look up to as they wait for medical assistance to arrive.

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