The Role of Technology in CPR: Advancements and Benefits
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The Help of Technology with CPR

The leading cause of death in the USA, claiming the lives of the more than 450,000 people, is cardiac arrest. The technological breakthroughs in medicine are gradually tilting the scales in the favor of humanity in this war between life and death; however, the road to victory is long and demands effort. Everyone can play their part in this war by learning about the signs of cardiac arrest and how to provide immediate care when encountered with someone in need of help.

American CPR Care Association has been playing a key role in arming people with the fundamental tools needed to deal with cardiovascular emergencies.

According to a study conducted by a team from Harvard Medical a person’s chances of survival without any neurological damage increase by more than double to 8.4% depending on the provision of quality CPR and the probability of survival increases by two or three times. Yet only 3% of Americans know how to perform CPR.

Importance of an AED

Moreover, the importance of an Automated External Defibrillator cannot be overstated. An AED is a portable device that provides an electric short to the heart through the chest to instantaneously stop all functioning in order to allow the heart to restart at a normal pace. Studies show that 90% of the time an AED detects the heartbeat and rhythm correctly; it then, takes the decision to provide shock accordingly.

The most efficient way to save the life of someone who could possibly be having a cardiac arrest is to use AED and CPR. Everyone has the potential to save lives. More importantly, the life that may need saving is highly likely to be of someone that is close such as a life partner, child, friend or parent because a majority of cardiac arrests happen at home. A few hours spent on learning how to use an AED and how to deliver CPR from a reliable source like the American CPR Care Association can make a person ready to handle the terrifying situation of witnessing someone in cardiac arrest.

American CPR Care Association (ACCA) utilizes the ability to reach anyone across the globe through the internet and help them prepare for a health catastrophe by offering excellent online courses. What makes them the best in this sphere is:

  • ACCA adheres to the Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) guidelines provided by the American Heart Association and National Emergency Organization Response Standards.
  • The instructors offering the courses on the website have been trained, authorized and certified by OSHA.
  • The courses, which take at an average one or two hours for completion, are available with full access to all course material for 60 days.
  • The team makes it their goal to assist you throughout by allowing you to explain your concerns to them and responding in the best way possible.
  • Lastly, ACCA provides immediate certification for the courses you have completed which are widely recognized because of the reputation they have established nationally as a forerunner in this field.


All in all, every life is filled with unparalleled potential and uniqueness. It is the responsibility of each person to do whatever they can in order to help. Everyone can be more than just a silent on-looker in case of a tragedy and actively take part in ensuring the help needed is provided to save a life!


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