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Top 5 Things to Know Before Hiring A CPR Instructor

CPR instructors are individuals who teach other people willing to learn the fundamentals and techniques of CPR. Their main purpose or goal is to instruct various classes related to CPR and First Aid for people who are in the workplace, healthcare field, or a community member. CPR instructors hold a great responsibility in providing adequate training for students to apply the learning to real-life emergencies. As a student, you want to hire a CPR instructor that will leave you feeling confident to perform CPR on a victim. There are many CPR instructors around the world, making it difficult to choose the perfect one for you.

Five Qualities to Look for in a CPR Instructor

When hiring CPR instructors, there are five different attributes that they need to possess to ensure high-quality learning. The following are: cpr instructor passion

1. CPR instructors must be passionate about their chosen profession

For both in-person and online CPR classes with instructor demonstrations, instructors must be passionate about the training. A passionate teacher will want to build passionate and confident students. They will be more willing to answer particular questions and help understand the proper techniques of CPR. Plus, this instructor will make the class more interesting for the students, and the instructor will be more dedicated to providing the best training to certify more people in CPR. CPR Certified Instructor

2. CPR instructors must be proven to be certified

To fulfill the requirement for an instructor to be CPR certified, he or she must be teaching CPR under his or her certification.  If they are going to teach about adult CPR, they must be certified under that course and the same goes for child and infant CPR. Learning more about the instructor’s experience and background is also beneficial. Interactive CPR Instructor

3. CPR instructors must be interactive

To learn a lot from them, they must be good at interacting with others. Online courses should keep your interest between modules, videos and images. Questioning, feedback, and demonstrations should be continuous throughout the training. Before hiring an instructor, ask about the interaction between the student to student (if applicable) and student to instructor. This may vary in different training situations and everyone may have different preferences. Learn more about your potential instructors and see which one fits your preference and learning style. Effective CPR Instructor

4. CPR instructors must be really effective

Ask the instructor how many students they have certified and in what capacity. Learning more about challenges they have faced and how they were overcome may provide you a better scope on if they are the right fit for your needs. Many instructors will provide you with both individual and group classes they have conducted. Based on their responses, see if they can tailor to your price range, requirements and timing. Does the instructor provide group training, what is the ratio, will the training be with you alone or with other individuals in the community? You may also ask if they travel to your location if that is something you are looking for. Overall, you need to make sure they will be effective for your setting. Experienced CPR Instructor

5. CPR instructors must be experienced

Knowledge comes from experience.  So when the instructor has broad experience in performing CPR, he can teach and share lots of CPR skills and information with his students. You may ask how long they have been in the business for, about their credentials and why they teach CPR classes. Whether the instructor has been in business for one year or twenty-five, the best instructors possess the qualities listed above. Those instructors should be able to recall various scenarios and accommodations they may have made to fit the needs of their clients.


View the Online CPR course modules to see instructor videos and demonstrations, and decide if the instructor is right for you, and your requirements.

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