American CPR Care Association provides quality BLS and CPR training for certification and renewal to increase awareness and confidence for individuals performing emergency response practices. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, more commonly known as CPR, is an emergency life-saving procedure that is needed when an individual’s breathing or heartbeat suddenly stops. Since brain damage can occur within minutes of cardiac arrest, the benefits of knowing how to perform CPR to save a life are endless.

CPR combines rescue breathing, which provides oxygen for the lungs of the patient, and chest compressions that keep the oxygen-rich blood flowing until the heartbeat and breathing are restored. CPR requires proper training and knowledge before it can be practiced by an individual due to the variation in adults, children, and infants. CPR has proven to increase the survival rate for the patient when given properly and immediately. Becoming trained in CPR can lead individuals to save someone’s life before the emergency teams’ arrival. Certification in CPR allows people to step up in emergency situations, whether a medical professional or not.

While there’s nothing more valuable than saving a life, there are additional benefits of CPR and becoming a knowledgeable individual who is certified and can practice this procedure effectively, safely, and with confidence.


  •   Provides bystanders with a feeling of empowerment and the confidence to act
  •   Allows bystanders to help someone in need, including family members at home or even a stranger on the street
  •   Encourages bystanders to step up in emergency or life and death situations


  •   The greatest benefit of CPR training is the ability to save lives
  •   Emergency situations require immediate action and most cardiac arrests occur far from any hospital
  •   Providing CPR immediately to the patient decreases the risk of brain damage or death


  •   With more bystanders trained and certified in CPR, the survival rate of patients experiencing heart failure increases
  •   CPR is needed because every second counts for unconscious patients
  •   If two or more bystanders are trained in CPR, one could take turns giving chest compressions while the other performs rescue breaths (learn more about how this works with our CPR training)


  •   CPR training creates a safer environment for all employees
  •   Many careers and companies require some form of CPR or First Aid training
  •   CPR certification can make you more employable
  •   Employees benefit from our certified training and convenient classes

Realizing the importance and advantages of CPR training is the first step in helping to serve your community. Take the next big step by completing your online CPR training and receiving certification with the American CPR Care Association. Help us spread the value of knowing and performing CPR—browse our courses and you can get CPR certified today.