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4 Practical Reasons You Should Take First Aid and CPR Course

Reasons that will propel your will to enroll for first aid and CPR course

Emergencies generally happen when we least expect them. Knowing what to do in the case of an emergency can help you manage the situation and maybe save a life. To manage the condition and potentially save a life, you should get online CPR training. However, most people are still reluctant by the notion that accidents are rare and there are professionals who are trained for the work. Yes, there are organizations that offer first aid, but they may delay to reach the emergency scene, hence inconvenience the first aid process. This can be avoided if one has first aid knowledge and attends to the victim on time. First aid does not only manage the situation to prevent more serious issues but can also save a life. Here are some further reasons why you should take a first aid and CPR course.

Emergencies Often Occur at Home or Workplace

Statistics show that more than 70% of heart attack cases occur at home. This shows that the only immediate help available is the family and friends who are near the victim. Since heart attacks can be managed by CPR, having CPR knowledge during such an emergency may help one save the life of the victim. High-quality CPR is required if the person has no pulse and is not breathing.

You Should Know Why CPR Works in Order to Give High-Quality CPR

Let’s take a look at how CPR works. When blood is not circulating to the body parts, the brain faces a deficit in oxygen supply. This may lead to unconsciousness if not handled fast enough. Cardiac arrest leads to malfunctioning of the heart, hence less or no blood reaches the brain. This can be corrected by high-quality CPR which forces the heart to pump blood to the body parts. When done by an untrained person it may lead to permanent brain damage.

You Can Learn How to be Safe First

When attending to a victim in an emergency scene, your safety should be the first priority. Ensure the area is safe for both you as the rescuer and the victim you are attending to. If the scene is insecure, do not enter to help. Remove any possible obstructions and threats to your safety. After checking the scene, check the responsiveness of the victim by calling their name, tapping and shaking their body. If they are unresponsive, call emergency lines and request for help. What matters is safety first, if you get injured, both of you are down and no one can help the other.

The Need To Know How To Use AED

During emergency situations, you may need to administer a shock to a cardiac arrest patient. To do this one should have knowledge on how to use an AED. Turning the machine on is the most important step, after that, you can follow the steps indicated. After administering a shock, continue with CPR until recovery signs are observed. If you are untrained enroll and get online CPR training as soon as possible.

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