Before the use of cardiopulmonary resuscitation on cardiac arrest patients, CPR was first renowned as a method used for reviving a person who has drowned. This is also the main reason why most employers require a CPR certification for applicants applying of a lifeguard position.

Below are the following reasons why CPR is important around swimming pools: 

pool safety CPR

Occurrence of Accidental Drowning 

Whether the victim does not know how to swim, a child fell into the water out of the parent’s sight, or another accident occurred, people are at risk of drowning when around water. Like other emergencies, it is important to react immediately. It is very likely that the victim will require CPR, bringing out the importance of lifeguards to be confident in applying their CPR skills.

Immediate Rescue of Victims  

Whenever someone is drowning, lifeguards within the area immediately respond to the victim and perform a set of chest compressions and mouth to mouth resuscitation right away. This is because when a person drowns, he or she tends to lose consciousness after several attempts of breathing. However, in that situation, a person cannot provide adequate oxygen in their body because their nose and mouth already submerged in the water. Based on studies, those victims of drowning that are immediately taken care of have a higher chance to be revived. Waiting for medical assistance and not immediately responding to them can lead to the victim’s death.

Ensuring One’s Safety  

Resorts and swimming pools are a means of relaxation and fun, where safety should always be considered. It’s recommended to use pools with a lifeguard on duty as they are trained in performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Keep a close eye on children and don’t take risks in deep water.   Ensuring everyone’s safety is the top priority whenever going out for a swim. Most people would agree that while pools are a time of enjoyment, they agree that safety is especially important near water. It is important for them to know the proper execution of CPR. Take an online CPR course for precaution and ensure that you can protect the people around you.