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Everything you Need to know about CPR recertification

Do you want to take an online life support course to increase your chance of getting a promotion? Are you afraid of the medical jargon on the internet? Do you wish someone could help you simplify all these terminologies? If you answered yes, you have clicked on the right article. 

With advancement in medicine, upskilling to help someone in an emergency is the need of the hour instead of waiting for the emergency response team (EMT) to arrive. If you can boast of knowing a life-saving course, make sure you get your CPR renewal and recertification today. Some courses give you the knowledge of basic life support skills, while others dive deep into the advanced techniques. Continue reading to understand the benefits of CPR recertification for healthcare professionals. 

How to choose the right online CPR course? 

We understand with the umpteen courses available online, it can get confusing while selecting a course. The key lies in understanding your requirements. This way, your goal to achieve the CPR recertification will motivate you. Below are some easy steps to guide you:

  1. First ask yourself the purpose for taking a CPR course. Once you have the answer to this, your goal will be defined.
  2. Figure out how much time you have to spare to sign up for an online course. Register with an institution that provides CPR recertification courses with a valid certification. 
  3. If you want a promotion or a new job, ask your employer for the specifications they would need from this online course. Cross-check the requirements to the offerings of the course you wish to apply. Lock down on an institute, register and begin your classes.
  4. Find out from friends and colleagues at work about the courses they have done. Read up online and follow online blogs to check for reputed online CPR courses. Read customer feedback, and testimonials of alums to know the authenticity of the course.

If you follow the above steps carefully, you will not have to waste time and money on an invalid certification.

Benefits of CPR recertification   

Nothing comes close to saving a life and knowing you gave that person a second chance to live again. Communication and confidence are two important factors when dealing with demanding situations. And when paired with an online CPR recertification, it truly makes you a lifesaver. Below are a few benefits of online CPR recertification.   

  1. Self-paced: You do not need to waste time traveling to a college or take out time from your work shift. Online classes have no fixed schedule allowing you the liberty to attend classes even at night. You can study at any time at your convenience. 
  2. Accredited: People usually do not opt for online courses as they may not be recognized or they could be a scam. When you choose an institute, ensure they follow the American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines. Before you register, check out the website to see if they provide a valid certification. This will ensure you do not waste your money.
  3. Accessible: The must-haves to attend any online recertification course are – a good internet connection and a laptop or mobile. If you have them both, you do not need to travel to reach an institute to attend a course physically.
  4. Less-expensive: If you think online courses are expensive, you must know that in-person courses will cost you your savings. If you choose the proper course from a reputed institute, it will not burn a hole in your pocket. Online courses are cost-effective as they do not need you to shell out money on gas or public transport. You could be seated at the local cafe or a friend’s house while taking the course. And don’t forget the money you will be saving every day on coffee and snacks. 
  5. Virtual certification: There’s nothing as fast as availing your CPR certification virtually. Online courses will give you a virtual and physical certificate so you can go out and be a good samaritan.

Renew your CPR Card today

Once you opt to learn CPR from an online institute like the American CPR Care Association, you are provided with study material to learn from. After which, you need to give a test based on multiple-choice questions and upon passing it, you will be granted a certification from the institute. This certification is valid for two years. So, if you’re wondering, does a CPR certification expire? The answer is yes. Every course needs to be updated once it expires and you need to renew it.

If you find yourself in an emergency despite knowing CPR, you cannot administer it without a valid certification. Only a reputed institution will provide renewal courses and send reminders close to the expiration date of the certification. The renewal course helps you stay updated with newer advances to the basics of the course again. It works as a refresher for individuals who have not performed CPR.


Everyone should give back to humanity by picking up some life-saving course in their lifespan. It helps you get an edge and makes your resume shine. With the number of online courses available, the right one could help you get bumped up to grab that much-needed promotion. Once certified, you can even ask others too to take life-saving courses to become better citizens and to make this world a better place. Learn Adult, Child, and Infant CPR at American CPR Care Association, that brings you a vast selection of online training courses. Check out the course structure on the website and register for further details.

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