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A Complete Guide to Selecting a CPR Class

Choosing the right CPR class will come to you with the right knowledge of why you need it. There are many CPR classes available online when you browse the internet. It can confuse an aspiring student or learner. The choice to select the perfect or most suitable course becomes time-consuming. However, learning CPR is always an add on to skills ones must have. So read through the blog post below and know what makes learning CPR at your pace the best choice you can have for yourself and your near or dear ones. 

Why should you learn CPR?

When you research online, you will find multiple reasons to go for CPR classes. Find the topmost applicable reasons below:

Save lives when you have the opportunity

You can be the best version of a bystander anyone around you knows by learning CPR from a reputed platform like the American CPR Care Association (ACCA). When you learn CPR at your pace, you can save lives whenever there is a medical emergency around you. This way, you would not be the one panicking, rather, you will have ample knowledge on how to act smart and accurately to save lives before it’s too late.

Know how to handle medical emergencies

Not everyone can handle medical emergencies, and not everyone has the gall to see blood or someone fainting. But when you’re a rescuer, you have to have a fully attentive mind on the patient. And that’s also the case for cardiac arrest patients. If you lose focus on what to do when someone is having a sudden cardiac arrest, the patient might end up losing their life. Or in other cases, they might go through permanent brain damage like situations. You do not want that for anyone as a Good Samaritan. So learn CPR appropriately without fear or panicking by searching for CPR courses.

Help the rescuers on the scene of a medical emergency

Even a rescuer might need a helping hand to save a life. You can be that help when you know how to perform CPR on someone unconscious, fainting, gasping, or choking. This could be anyone you know, or the other rescuer knows. In any case, updated and nationally accepted CPR knowledge comes to the rescue for everyone. And that’s true in this scenario when the first lay responder might be losing hope in the sudden cardiac arrest patient. In the middle of this medical emergency, you can be the light of hope and a second chance at survival for them. All that is possible when you enroll in a CPR class today.

How to select the right CPR class for you?

Check the course pricing and offers

If the CPR class is free, that’s an added advantage. Otherwise, online courses can be costly from reputed or nationally accredited platforms. 

Check the course demo for better knowledge

Choosing the right CPR class comes easy when you go through the course demo. From there, you know what topics you will learn from the course and whether it is easy to learn. Before registering, you can skim through the important topics and prepare yourself for the course curriculum. 

Check if your employers accept the course certification 

To pick the right CPR classes near you, check if nationwide employers accept the course certificate you receive. This step is mostly advisable for students wanting to take their medical career to the next level after learning CPR online. 

Check if OSHA experts designed the course

Choosing the updated CPR course is very important. Every other year there might be new guidelines from the national board. That’s why students must only select nationally accepted courses designed by OSHA-certified experts. 

CPR related FAQs

  1. Who offers the best certification for CPR? and why? 

American CPR Care Association is actually one of the best CPR certification providers in the USA. It has nationally accredited CPR courses along with other lifesaving courses. The CPR course here on our platform is easy to learn and understand. The course is free to learn at your pace. Plus, there is no limit on the quiz you take after completing the course. Retake the quiz to score the required passing marks to be a certified expert as you wish to be.

  1. How to find CPR classes near me?

There are many ways to find CPR classes near you. Select the websites or platforms that offer courses for free. It will be a pocket saving alternative compared to other expensive courses online. Then, head over to a platform like ACCA, which offers learning CPR courses at your pace. So, being busy and not having time should not be an excuse to stop learning. Rather, learning when you can should motivate you to be the master of new lifesaving skills like CPR. Also, go for a CPR class where you get Continuing Education credit hours. If the site has a money-back guarantee and offers complete tech support, it will be the best choice for the CPR classes near you. 


Finding and selecting the right CPR class should be easy and cost-effective for students and keen learners. The American CPR Care Association offers such courses for free. Register for your free student or corporate account today on our site. Group discounts are also available for a group of 5 members/students or more. 


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